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Carrot Cookie Stencil

Carrot Cookie Stencil

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About this item

This fun cookie stencil features either a one or two overlay carrot design that will allow you create cookies for children's Easter baskets and family gatherings during the Easter holiday!  Use alone, or try pairing this background with other Easter cookie stencils for a beautifully layered look!


  • Artwork Size - 5" high x 5" wide and fits into standard Stencil Genie
  • Individual Carrots - 1 1/8" h x 4/8" w 
  • Stencil Sheet - 5 7/8" high x 5 1/2" wide

Please contact us using our Request for a Quote form if you have a custom design project, or create your own cookie stencil messages here.

Cookie Stencil Highlights

  • Laser cut on 10 mil food-grade Mylar
  • Greater durability than standard acetate
  • Works well with both royal icing and airbrushing
  • Made in the USA

Cool cookie stenciling tools for this set:

Are you a beginner? Try practicing on the Notta Cookie reusable practice cookie before applying to your actual cookie.

Two overlay instructions: airbrush bottom of carrots in orange then overlay the carrot tops and airbrush in green.

One overlay instructions: you can airbrush one color, or if you are more experience,  swap colors out and airbrush using a lower pressure to minimize overspray between colors. To ice, may sure you have the right icing consistency, apply icing over the openings (more than you think you'll need), then scrap off majority using as icing scraping tool.