Confection Couture's Cookie Airbrushing Tips

Confection Couture's Cookie Airbrushing Tips

Check out these tools and tips before starting your next Confection Couture cookie airbrushing project!

Stencil Genie

Use the Stencil Genie to hold the stencil in place over the cookie.

Cookie magnets

Our cookie magnets help keep the stencil flat against the cookie surface.

Shake airbrush color bottle prior to use

Always shake the food color well before loading the airbrush tool.

Only a few drops of color in the reservoir

Only add a few drops at a time to the airbrush tool reservoir.

Test airflow on paper towels and adjust as needed

Always test out the airflow on a stack of paper towels prior to airbrushing each cookie and color. Adjust the airflow as needed.

Light, even coats

 Apply each color in light, even coats using a small circular motion.

And there you have it

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