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The Largest single listing of How To stencil Cookies Video!  

Learn how to use cookie stencils to make stunning and unique cookies, cakes and decorations,  We include expert tips about:
• How to airbrush Cookies with a stencil.
• How to use royal icing with a stencil.
• How to layer stencils to create a complex stencil design.
• How to use the Stencil Genie to hold your stencil.
• How to shade and to mask to use mulitple colors with stencils.
• How to mass produce airbrush cookie stencils.

Headlining our teachers is Julia Usher.  Julia is a world renowned cookie decorator who writes, bogs and teaches how to create cookies which are truly works of art.   In her videos she shows how to deisgn and create unique and innovative cookies with tons of tricks, secrets and work arounds so that you can make true works of art like she does.

We aso have a series of our simpler project videos with ideas for those of us just starting out or looking to create a qucker but special and unique treat for our firends and family.  This includes:
How to use Paint Your Own Cookie stencls for a fun group activity.  


We have created many videos and create more each month so come back often and check.

Finally feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. 

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Using a Stencil Genie