• How to Stencil 2 Overlay Cookie Stencils

    When stenciling a 2 part overlay design onto a cookie be sure to see how the 2 stencils fit together before airbrushing the design on your cookie surface. 2 part overlay stencils leave space on each stencil sheet for the other design. It would be helpful to see how these two designs line up on the surface of the cookie as well. To begin airbrushing the design, start with just one stencil design. After the first design is stenciled, lay the second stencil design in place over the previously stenciled section. There will be a gap in the design where the second part of the design will fit nicely. Stencil the second design.
  • How to Prevent Color "Bleeding" When Airbrushing Cookies

    To prevent color “bleeding” when airbrushing cookies, follow these four tips:

    1. Most “bleeding” happens when a stencil is not lying completely flat, try to make sure the cookie stencil (and icing top coat) is lying flat over the cookie. It often helps to hold down the edges of the stencil with chopsticks or cookie magnets (especially if the icing is not flat).

    2. Use a low pressure setting on your airbrush. Stencils are best used with many thin, even coats of color. Extra airflow will create a less perfect airbrush finish.

    3. It is helpful to turn the airflow on the Air Genie down to its lowest setting before slowly turning it up until the airbrush is coating food colorant sufficiently. With the airflow turned down it will help prevent food coloring being propelled beneath the stencil edges.

    4. When spraying, keep the airbrush nozzle pointing straight down, airbrushing at an angle will have some paint slipping beneath the stencil design edges. When airbrushing, try to move your arm only, not your wrist, to keep the nozzle pointing straight down.