Confection Couture's Stencil Masking Techniques

Confection Couture's Stencil Masking Techniques

Check out these tools and tips on masking techniques before starting your next Confection Couture cookie airbrushing project!

Quadrant Masking Tool

For isolating a particular design element, position the Quadrant Masking Tool over the stencil.


Use a long needle, chopsticks, or similar tool for additional help when pressing the stencil flat against the cookie surface.

Glad Press'n Seal

For more intricate designs, use Glad Press'n Seal to mask off individual stencil elements.

Remove bubbles and wrinkles

Lightly press to remove any wrinkles or bubbles.


The Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool works great to precisely cut around complex design components. After trimming, peel away the cut portion to reveal the desired element.



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Hi There,
that Gyro-Cut tool, you used it to cut the Press n Seal over a stencil. Does it not cut through the stencil also?
Thanks for any clarification!


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