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ACC-Creative Cookier

Screen Genie

Screen Genie

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About this item

Achieve crisp airbrushing results without underspray with the new Screen Genie! Place the screen on top of your cookie stencil and then attach to your Stencil Genie frame. Silkscreen mesh holds your stencil tightly against your cookie so your airbrushing always perfect! 


  • Easy to clean, comes apart with ease
  • Can be used with both airbrushing and royal icing.
  • Hand wash only.


  • 1 plastic frame
  • 1 rubber gasket to keep silkscreen in place
  • 1 mesh screen.
  • Additional mesh screens sold here.


  1. Place Screen Genie flexible gasket on a flat surface
  2. Lay the polyester "silk" on top of the gasket
  3. Press the Screen Genie frame onto the gasket
  4. Top with your Screen Genie
  5. Lock it all into place with the top of the Stencil Genie