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Designer Stencils

Whimsical Halloween Round Cookie Stencil Set by Designer Stencils

Whimsical Halloween Round Cookie Stencil Set by Designer Stencils

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About this item

ūüéÉ Get spooky and sweet with the Whimsical Halloween Round Cookie Stencil Set by Designer Stencils! Create one-of-a-kind treats for your trick or treaters with this playful set. Perfect for adding some extra fun to your Halloween celebrations. Boo-yah! ūüéÉ


  • Design Sizes:¬†2.7" around, fit within a 3" round cookie.¬†Try using on a 3" round cookie using our¬†round cookie cutters
  • Sheet Size:¬†Stencil designs are on a 3 3/4" round sheet¬†and won't fit into a standard¬†Stencil Genie¬†unless you use it in conjunction with a¬†Stencil Adapters for Round Cookie Stencils¬†(the¬†3 inch one will isolate these designs,¬† just affix this stencil to the adapter with a piece of tape.)

Customizing Your Stencil:

Please contact us via Chat below OR submit a request for a personalized stencil if:

  • You need these¬†images in a different size.
  • You have another¬†Christmas¬†themed stencil¬†design in mind. In some cases, if it's not too personalized, we will add it right to the product line with no extra custom fees involved.

Stencil Highlights & Care Tips:

  • Laser cut on 10 mil food-grade Mylar
  • Greater durability than standard acetate
  • Works well with both¬†royal icing¬†and¬†airbrushing
  • Made in the USA
  • Cleaning Your Stencil:¬†Gently clean with warm soapy water, taking care not to rip the thin bridges in the cookie stencil. Air dry flat.
  • Storage:¬†Make sure stencil is dry, then store in our¬†Keep Safe Storage Album¬†which will keep your stencils clean and damage free until their next use.