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Stencil Genie Kit for Royal Icing

Stencil Genie Kit for Royal Icing

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About this item

The quintessential Stencil Genie Kit for royal icing applications! The Stencil Genie line of products contain must have tools for enabling the quick and easy use of stencils to decorate cookies. It holds the stencil in place so that you have two hands for applying your decorations. Great for beginners who want to try their hand at applying stencils with royal icing to cookies and other sweet treats.

Each Kit Contains:

  • The Stencil Genie Cookie Decorating Tool The Stencil Genie™ is a must have tool in your cookie decorating arsenal. It fits all stencils in our cookie line and will give you a second set of hands while stenciling. Simply place the cookie stencil between the 2 frames (with embedded magnets) and place over your cookie and decorate!
  • Cookie Stencil Scrapers - The perfect tool to easily apply royal icing to cakes and cookies
  • Satin Ice Royal Icing Mix - A delicious and premium icing mix that is easy to make and apply and dries quickly.
  • Satin Ice Food Color Liquid - Super concentrated formula to give the best color to royal icing for cakes and cookies.
  • 3 Pack of Notta Cookie Practice Cookie - THE perfect tool for beginner cookie decorators, those practicing new cookie decorating techniques, OR those teaching cookie decorating classes. Want to try a new royal icing stenciling, or piping, techniques? 

THESE ITEMS ARE HAND WASH ONLY, just a light rinse or wipe down with a wet towel will clean it right up!

Do NOT soak your Stencil Genie as it will loosen up your magnets!!! Just wash, dry with a soft cloth and then let it dry with parts separated magnet sides down!