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Custom Jungle Theme Birthday Cookie Stencils

Custom Jungle Theme Birthday Cookie Stencils

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About this item

Customize jungle themed birthday cookies with "wild" messages or safari style letters and numbers with this customized cookie stencil set. Great for party favors when bagged with our clear cookie bags and tied with a cute ribbon. Use along with our other animal print, safari and jungle themed cookie stencils. Available in single, double or triple overlays to best fit your decorating needs. Are you looking for a set exclusively for a birthday? Check out our "Wild One" or "Two Wild" Birthday Cookie Stencil Set.

Personalize Cookies For:

  • "Wild One" is so cute for a safari or jungle themed first birthday party!
  • Or maybe you need a theme for a 2 year old's birthday? Try "Two Wild" 
  • "Let's Get Wild" can be used for ANY celebratory occasion that is going with a jungle/safari theme.

How to Order:

Step 1: Choose the style (giraffe or zebra) and the number of overlays you prefer (see below for info on how to choose an overlay)

1 Overlay (Background & Frame will be on one sheet, and the message will be on a separate sheet.):

  • Your using 1 color over entire stencil
  • You're advanced enough to airbrush different colors in close proximity or are familiar with masking techniques when airbrushing.
  • Using one medium type over entire stencil

2 Overlay (Background/Frame/Message on one sheet): 

  • More than 1 color for background and message
  • You're not advanced enough to airbrush different colors in close proximity or are unfamiliar with masking techniques when airbrushing.
  • You are using an airbrush over the entire stencil, or with a combo of airbrushing and royal icing (on last step only) to add dimension.
  • You’d like the flexibility to use both the background and the message for separate projects.

3 Overlays (Background, frame and w/ masking piece and message will be on separate sheets)

  • Want the background/frame message all different colors
  • You're not comfortable airbrushing different colors in close proximity or are unfamiliar with masking techniques when airbrushing - or you like the ease of not having to mask.
  • Best if airbrushing over entire stencil
  • Flexibility to use the background, the frame and the messages for completely
    separate project.

Step 2: Choose your message OR one letter A-Z (from one of the below options).

  • Wild One: just under 1" h x 1 1/4" w 
  • Two Wild: just under 1" h x 1 1/4" w 
  • Let's Get Wild: just under 1" h x 1 1/8" w 
  • Letters and numbers are approximately 1" h 

    Check out our new blog post and video tutorial that gives you step by step how to use the different overlays for this set.

    Further Customizing Your Stencil:

    If your project would be easier with a custom cookie stencil, please contact us. We’ll do everything we can to help you with your project!

    • Contact us today or start a chat conversation with us if you need this customized beyond options listed on this page (different fonts, years, messages, etc.)
    • Please contact us using our Request for a Quote form if you have a custom school logo you need turned into a stencil for your special graduate. 
    • To create your own cookie stencil messages for this background set, click here.

     Cool Cookie Stenciling Tools for This Project:

    • 3 and 4 inch cookie cutters produce cookies that offer the most overall reveal of both the background and message. A 2 inch cutter makes cookies better suited for the message stencil on it's own.
    • Are you a beginner? Try practicing on the Notta Cookie reusable practice cookie! This is an indispensable tool for testing icing consistency and practicing techniques prior to using a real cookie