Custom Monogram and Message Cookie Stencils

Custom Monogram and Message Cookie Stencils

Introducing Confection Couture's New Custom Monogram and Message Cookie Stencils!

Here's a list of tools featured in this tutorial:

Grab your first cookieOne overlay stencilStencil GenieSeparate top and bottomPosition stencilScreen GeniePlace over stencilLock everything togetherPlace the apparatus over the cookieCookie MagnetsPlace stack to left and right of designFirestoneEasy!

Each design is available in three choices of overlays.

The first is a simple one-overlay style where all of the design elements are included on one stencil.

This option is perfect for the novice or someone wishes to make many cookies quickly.

Or if you're an advanced stenciler, you can use masking tools or Glad Press'n Seal to isolate individual elements.

Using your stencil tools and chosen colorant, airbrush your custom design.

Two overlaysBackground and frame
Super RedApparatusAirbrushing redFirst step complete

Option Two includes two overlays, one with the background and frame, and the other with the custom letter or message.

This style is ideal when stenciling with two different colors.

First, airbrush the background and frame using the first color.

Custom designTwo GeniesMagnetic personalityMidnight BlackCustom messageTwo overlays complete!

Then switch colorant and add the custom letter or message.

Three overlaysMasking piecePosition on cookieBackground overlayEmerald GreenRemove stencil, tools, and masking piece

Option Three has includes separate overlays for each different element: the background, the frame, and the letter / message.

First, place the masking piece in the center of the cookie.

Next, place the background stencil over the masking piece and cookie using the Stencil Genie and Screen Genie.

Airbrush your background color.

Frame overlayQuadrant masking toolAnother one!Black againAirbrushingBackground and frame finished

Now, center the frame element over the Stencil Genie and line up within the space on the cookie.

Use two Quadrant Masking Tools to protect the edges of the cookie from overspray.

Load your second color into a clean airbrush tool.

Navy BlueCustom monogram overlayAdd the toolsAirbrushingThree overlays completeThree options

Using your third color, position your final, custom stencil in the center of the frame element.

Completed cookies

To create your custom cookie stencils, visit today!

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