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Designer Stencils

Grapevine Cake Stencil by Designer Stencils

Grapevine Cake Stencil by Designer Stencils

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About this item

Introducing the Grapevine Cake Stencil by Designer Stencils, available in two sizes. Made of 10 mil plastic, this professional-grade stencil is perfect for wine-themed cakes, adding a touch of elegance to birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Elevate your creations with this exquisite design.



  • Design: 3 3/8" h x 5" w 
  • Cake Sheet With Tab: just under 4" h x 8 1/2" w


  • Design: just under 3" h x 7 6/8" w 
  • Cake Sheet With Tab: just under 8" h x 10" w


  • Design: just under 6 3/8" h x 11 3/8" w 
  • Cake Sheet With Tab: just under 8" h x 15 3/4" w 

    Stencil Highlights

    • 10 mil food-grade Mylar (greater durability than standard acetate)
    • Works with buttercream, fondant, airbrushing, powdered sugar, etc.
    • Can be repeated along the perimeter of any cake.
    • Works on round, square or rectangular cakes
    • Design can be used vertically or horizontally
    • Made in the USA

    Tips on Stenciling the Side of a Cake With Buttercream or Royal Icing:

    • Make sure iced cake is completely dry. You can either let dry overnight, or put in fridge or freezer for about 30 minutes.
    • Pin cake stencil to the side of your cake, making sure that all parts are completely flat against surface. Make sure the stencil is level on the cake.
    • Apply a creamy consistency of icing using an rubber or offset spatula to spread a generous amount of royal icing over stencil, being sure to cover all the holes on the stencil.
    • Using a cake smoother or the back of an icing spatula, remove the excess icing from the stencil. Be careful not to remove too much of the icing, you want about 2 mm of royal icing to remain on the cake so as to ensure that the pattern comes out well (or at least the thickness of the stencil sheet itself.
    • Gently remove the stencil from one side to the other (don't just pull it off, it may disturb the design).
    • To repeat the design horizontally or vertically, Allow the icing to completely dry before using the stencil on the uncovered portions of the cake. Be sure to start from the point where the previous stencil pattern ended. Continue this process until all the cake sides have been covered.
    • You also want the stencil to be cleaned off completely between stenciling so that the openings are free of dried icing. 
    • Once that is dry, feel free to airbrush on top of this, or embellish with luster dust, candies, drips just to name a few.