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ACC-Creative Cookier

Genie Decorating UltiMat

Genie Decorating UltiMat

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About this item

Make your cookier life easier with these mats! Great to use for cookie work, pie crusts, fondant work, airbrushing and more.


  • Original Genie UltiMat perfect counter size
  • Genie UltiMat is made especially to go with the Stencil Genie, it keeps the Stencil snug in place when using royal icing on stencil!
  • UlitMat XL is plenty of room for all your baking projects


  • Original Genie UltiMat: 16"x 20"
  • Genie UltiMat:  7" x 7" 
  • UltiMat XL: 19" x 19" 


  • easy to clean using soapy water and good rinse
  • flexible it doesn't bend or get distorted