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Confection Couture Cutters

10 Piece Artisan Cookie Cutter Set

10 Piece Artisan Cookie Cutter Set

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About this item

Upgrade your baking essentials with our 10 Piece Artisan Cookie Cutter Set and elevate your baking to a whole new level. Get ready to impress with perfectly shaped and beautifully decorated cookies that will leave everyone craving for more. This cutter set is perfect for any cookie artisans. The set contains assorted designs and sizes perfect for cookie projects. This durable, long lasting cutter is made on site and is sure to last you throughout your years of baking. Cutter sizes range from 2"- 4" on their longest side. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, allowing you to create beautifully shaped cookies with ease. The smooth edges of these cookie cutters provide a comfortable grip while cutting through the dough, ensuring clean and defined shapes every time. Whether you're baking for special occasions, holidays, or simply for the joy of homemade treats, this versatile set will inspire your creativity and delight your loved ones.

Use These Cutters For:

  • cookie dough
  • gum paste
  • fondant

Cookie Cutter Highlights:

  • State of the Art 3D printed technology
  • Rigid, reinforced sidewall construction that provides extreme durability.
  • Precise Cutting Edge

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