Video Tutorial using Boho Mandala Cookie Stencils

Want to know an easy trick for stenciling multiple cookies in multiple colors? In this tutorial Confection Couture will show you how to airbrush our Boho Mandala, Lotus Mandala, and Boho Medallion cookie stencils into multiple colors. Follow along to learn more! The supplies used in this tutorial are listed below:

Boho Mandala Cookie Stencil-
Lotus Mandala Cookie Stencil-
Boho Medallion Cookie Stencil-
Airbrush Starter Kit-
Stencil Genie-
Magnets for Cookie Stencils-
Amerimist Airbrush Food Coloring-
Plastic Bottle with Dropper Tip-
Cookie Cutters-

Start with your first stencil by loading it into the Stencil Genie. Place the stencil onto the cookie with the Boho Medallion centered. Put cookie magnets around the design to hold the stencil flat to the surface. Fill your Air Genie Airbrush with Royal Blue Amerimist Food Coloring, set the airflow to low and test it out on a piece of paper towel. Precisely, gently, and lightly airbrush the outer ring of the Boho Medallion in 2-3 coats of color. Once you have full coverage in blue, remove the stencil to repeat these steps with the Lotus and Boho Mandala designs. With the blue portion of each design airbrushed onto your cookies, rinse off the stencils and empty out the airbrush. Load vodka into the airbrush and run it through the airbrush until the vodka comes out clear. Water works too, but vodka will dry faster. When the airbrush is dry you are ready to add the next color. Put the first stencil back into the stencil genie and line the design back up on the cookie. With the next color loaded and the airflow set to low, precisely airbrush the center of the design that has yet to be stenciled. Lightly overlap the second color with the blue to evenly blend the two colors together. After stenciling all the cookies with this second color, clear out the airbrush with vodka again before using another color. Each time you change colors be sure to clear the airbrush out with vodka. Confection Couture recommends vodka because it will evaporate faster than water. If you only have one airbrush and want to stencil in multiple colors the best way is to stencil in stages. If you found this tutorial helpful be sure to give Confection Couture the thumbs up and subscribe!