Video Tutorial for No Hassle Airbrushing Multiple Cookies in Different Colors

Airbrushing multiple cookies in different colors can be tricky when you need to clean out the airbrush between each coat. In this tutorial we'll show you the easiest way to airbrush cookies with no hassle. Let Confection Couture Stencils show you the way with our Oh Holy Night and Season of Joy cookie stencils! A list of the tools needed is listed below:

Oh Holy Night Cookie Stencil-
Season of Joy Cookie Stencil-
Quadrant Masking Tool-
Stencil Genie-
AirGenie Airbrush System-
DecoPack Airbrush Food Colorant
Cookie Magnets-
Plastic Bottle with Dropper Tip-
Assorted 4 Inch Cookie Cutters-

Start with the food coloring that you will use on each cookie, which in this case will be black Amerimist. Load your airbrush, set the airflow to low, and test it out on a piece of paper towel. Make sure the spread of the food color is small enough to fill in the letters without going outside that part of the design. Carefully and precisely airbrush the letters of the first stencil in black. Lightly build the color in 2-3 coats without letting the food coloring bead up on the surface of the cookie. Hold the stencil about 2-3 inches away from the cookie to keep the food coloring from going beneath the edges of the stencil for nice, crisp edges. After stenciling the letters, remove the stencil genie to replace it with the cookie stencil that is up next. We will line the stencil up later to finish. Stencil all the elements you wish to be in black on each cookie, switching stencils when necessary. When you have stenciled all of the cookies in black food coloring you are ready to begin stenciling in color. Clean out the airbrush by spraying any leftover black Amerimist food coloring out into a dish. Fill the airbrush with vodka (or water) and run it through the airbrush until it comes out clear. It should take about 3 passes. Once the airbrush is dry it is time to add food color to the Airbrush. Place the first stencil into the Stencil Genie alone with two quadrant masking tools to isolate the design you are stenciling. Put the Silver Amerimist Food Colorant into the airbrush and test it out on a piece of paper towel with the airflow set low. Hold the airbrush 2-3 inches away from the cookie stencil and precisely build the color in the details surrounding the black lettering. Once the color is perfect you can remove the cookie magnets, lift off the stencil genie, and place the next stencil in the genie. Clear out the airbrush, let dry, and shift to the next color. Continue the process of lining each design back up with the black lettering and build the color. Soon all of your cookies will be stenciled and your cookies will be good to go.