Video Tutorial for Candy Cane Stripes Christmas Monogram Cookie Stencils

It's not too early to start getting your Christmas Monogram Cookie Stencils before the holiday shopping rush! Confection Couture's Candy Cane Stripes Monogram Stencil is the perfect personal touch to your home baking projects. Read below for information on how to use the tools in this tutorial.

Candy Cane Stripe Monogram Background Cookie Stencil
Antique Christmas Monogram Alphabet Cookie Stencil Set
Isolation Masking Tool for Alphabet Cookie Stencil Sets
Cookie Stencil Magnets
Gyro-Cut Craft Cutting Tool
tencil Genie
DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring

We will be using our Candy Cane Stripes Monogram cookie stencils to create a multicolored, matching set of cookies. To do this we will need to mask off the Candy Cane Stripes Monogram stencil with Glad Press and Seal plastic wrap.

Start by pressing a piece of Glad Press and Seal to the surface of the Candy Cane Monogram Stencil. Next, take your Gyro-Cut craft cutting tool and precisely cut the plastic wrap with very little pressure around the outside of the design that will be a different color. Since we are airbrushing the stripes first they should be the only part of the design exposed. Gently lift off the excess plastic to save for later.

Now put your stencil into the Stencil Genie with the center of the Monogram stencil only part of the design covered with the Glad Press and Seal. Place the covered monogram on the center of each cookie then put cookie magnets around the edges of the cookie to keep the design close to the surface. With your stencil in place, prepare your airbrush by filling it with Amerimist Red Food Color.

Before using your airbrush to spray color directly through the stencil onto your cookie be sure to test it out on a nearby piece of paper towel to make sure you have proper flow. Once the color is coming out at the proper rate you may begin stenciling the masked off monogram stencil onto your cookies. It may take a few misty coats before the you have the right shading. After stenciling each cookie lift the entire Stencil Genie off the cookie and onto the next one. Stencil all of your cookies while your Candy Cane Stripes Monogram stencil is still masked off. After stenciling all the cookies, peel off the the plastic wrap and rinse the dye off of your stencil with warm water.

For the next section of the stencil we will be using the piece of Glad Press and Seal that we had set aside before. It should have a cut out that is the exact size of the center. Delicately put this piece of plastic wrap in place then press it to the surface. You will need two small squares of the plastic wrap to press over the pine cones too or else they will come out green. Line the stencil design up with each cookie so that the Candy Cane Stripes in the background match the stencil. Load your Airbrush with Leaf Green Amerimist Airbrush Food Color and test the flow out on a piece of paper towel before stenciling the wreath in the design. Repeat the design on each cookie by lining up the design each time.

Now all we have left before the Monogram letters are the pine cones. Rinse off your Candy Cane Stripes Monogram Stencil and remove the mask before attaching a new piece of Glad Press and Seal to the stencil surface. Using your Gyro-Cut cutting tool use light pressure to cut around the pine cones on the stencil. Remove the plastic wrap covering the pine cones and repeat the process of lining the stencil up on each cookie before Airbrushing the pine cones brown with Amerimist Brown Airbrush Food Coloring. After this your Candy Cane Stripes Monogram Stencil will be complete. Now to add the monogram lettering!

We will used the Antique Christmas Monogram Cookie Stencil set with the Isolation Masking Tool to stencil each of our cookies. Put your alphabet stencil into the Stencil Genie with the Isolation Masking tool over the letter you are stenciling first. The stencils will overlap and extend past the edges of the Stencil Genie. The magnets in the Stencil Genie will hold everything in place. Put each letter in place in the center of the monogram stencil before putting cookie magnets down around the letters to ensure good contact is made between the stencil and the cookie. Use your airbrush with Amerimist black airbrush food coloring to stencil your letter. Once you have stenciled your first letter onto each cookie, shift the isolation masking tool to the other letter. You may need to rinse the alphabet stencil and the mask before continuing.