Video Tutorial for Bride and Groom Wedding Cookie Stencils

Think you may be hearing wedding bells soon? Confection Couture has got you covered with these perfect cookie stencils for the bride and groom! These designs are great for engagement parties, bridal showers, and wedding receptions. To recreate these cookies check out the tools and tutorial below:

Bride and Groom Accent Cookie Stencil
Wedding Bells Words Cookie Stencil
Wedding Bells Accent Cookie Stencil
Quadrant Masking Tool
Wedding Round Cookie Stencil 3 Pc Set
The Stencil Genie Cookie Decorating Tool
Magnets for Cookies Stencils 10 Pc Set
AirGenie Airbrush System
DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring
Plastic Bottle with Dropper Tip 2oz 3pk
Assorted 4 inch Cookie Cutters

Get started airbrushing your cookies by placing your cookie stencil into The Stencil Genie with two Quadrant Masking Tools to isolate the design to be stenciled. Center the design and place Magnets for Cookies Stencils around the cookie edges so that the stencil is flat against the surface. Use the AirGenie Airbrush System to build the color of the design until solid. Once complete, remove the Cookie Magnets and lift The Stencil Genie straight up off the cookie.

Adjust the Quadrant Masking Tool so the next stencil design is isolated and centered on the cookie. Place the Cookie Magnets around the cookie edges so that the design is flush to the cookie surface. In back and forth overlapping lines, lightly build the black color through the stencil design until completely saturated. Remove the stencils then lift the stencil off the cookie surface.

One after another, stencil each cookie then shift the Quadrant Masking Tool for each design. Once you stencil each design in one color you will be ready to clear out the color cup for the next color for the stencils.

Once the color cup in the AirGenie Airbrush System has no more black airbrush food colorant you will need to clear any excess coloring. Fill the color cup with vodka and run it through the airbrush about three times onto paper towel until it comes out clear. Water will also work but vodka dries faster.

The next color here is Amerimist Shimmering Silver. Load the airbrush with the food colorant and test the rate of flow on a piece of paper towel. Lightly airbrush the bridal stencils in shimmering silver until the color is saturated. Remove the cookie magnets before lifting the airbrush straight off the cookie.

Continue stenciling each of these designs in shimmering silver by repositioning the quadrant masking tool and cookie magnets for each cookie design.

With these designs you'll be able to stencil several batches of cookies quick and easy!