St Patrick's Day Cookie Stencils

Top of the mornin' to ya! In this installment of Confection Couture Stencils tutorials we show you how to stencil a whole batch of St Patrick's Day cookies. To make these cookies you will need:

Luck of the Irish Message Cookie Stencil
St Patrick's Day Message Cookie Stencil
Shamrock Shower Background Cookie Stencil
St Patrick's Day Words Cookie Stencil
Stencil Genie
Gyro-Cut Craft Cutting Tool
Cookie Magnets
Quadrant Masking Tool
DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring

Start by selecting which of your stencils to start with. This step is important if you are stenciling several cookies with the same design. Before stenciling, figure out how many cookies you will stencil with each design. Stencil all your cookies with which stage of the cookie stencil you are airbrushing.

Let's start by stenciling a black top hat over the phrase "Luck of the Irish" done in green. Press a sheet of Glad Press n Seal to the surface of your cookie stencil so that the design is completely covered. Use the Gyro-Cut to cut around the lettering on your stencil to create a mask. Peel off the surrounding Press n Seal so that only the hat design is revealed. The Press n Seal will keep any airbrush food colorant from spraying through the lettering of the design.

Place the cookie stencil into the Stencil Genie, position the design over the cookie, and place cookie magnets around the design to hold it flush to the cookie surface. Using black Amerimist food coloring, gently airbrush colorant through the design until you reach full color. Be sure to gradually build the color so that the liquid food colorant does not bead upon the cookie surface. Remove the cookie magnets then lift the Stencil Genie off the cookie. Rinse the cookie stencil, remove the Glad Press n Seal, and use a new sheet of Press n Seal to mask off the hat with the Gyro-Cut.

With the hat masked off, use Forest Green Amerimist food colorant to airbrush color into the words. Build the color slowly until full coverage is reached, then lift the Stencil Genie off the cookie. For multiple repeats, line the hat of the stencil up with the airbrushed hats on the other cookies and airbrush this phrase in green on the rest of your cookies.

To stencil smaller cookies you will either need to cover the entire cookie with a background stencil or isolate stencil messages using the Quadrant Masking Tool. The Shamrock Shower looks great on cookies of all sizes. Using two quadrant masking tools is a great way to center a corner message of the St Patrick's Day Messages stencil onto your cookies.

Airbrushing a perfect batch of St Patrick's cookies is the best way to celebrate St Patrick's Day with friends and family!