You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray

You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and rain or shine, let them know that you will be there for them. The best way to show them that you make me happy when skies are gray are with this cookie stencil from Decorate several batches of cookies with this single confectioner stencil. Works perfectly with royal icing or airbrushing, and cleans up easily in warm water. Check out all of the tools used in this tutorial below:

Use cookie magnets to hold the cookie stencil in place

For these cookies we are going to start by stenciling the royal icing, then add a top coat of airbrushed food coloring for some extra flair. Begin by placing cookie magnets around the outside of the cookie. We recommend stenciling your cookies on a magnetic surface when using cookie magnets like this. Place another cookie magnet on top of each corner to hold the design flush to the cookie surface.

Scrape off all the excess royal icing

Next take your tapered offset baker’s spatula and some thicker consistency royal icing. Take up a bit of royal icing on the baker’s spatula and spread it over the top of the stencil. Spread the icing smoothly so that it goes over the entire design but be careful to make sure icing doesn’t bleed beneath the stencil. Scrape all the excess icing off the stencil once it has been spread through the entire design. Make sure the icing is properly coating the cookie in the entire design.

Airbrush black food coloring through the cookie stencil onto the royal icing

Now before we lift the cookie stencil off of the cookie, we are going to accent the design with some black airbrushed food coloring. Load your AirGenie Airbrush with black Amerimist airbrush food coloring. Test out the air flow on a piece of paper towel before airbrushing through the design.

Lift the stencil straight off the cookie surface

Try airbrushing different parts of the design then removing your stencil! Experiment with different color combinations and blends to get the perfect combination for your cookies. Always remember to remove the cookie magnets before lifting the stencil off of your cookie surface. Give your cookies time to dry before wrapping them up or putting them into goodie bags.

The techniques in this tutorial work for any of our cookie stencils. Airbrushing on top of royal icing gives your cookies a unique multicolor design you can’t get anyway else. If this tutorial inspired you be sure to check out the stencil above and explore the rest of the tutorials on our site!

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Is there any possibility to ship to Greece?
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