Pot of Gold Cookie Stencils and Matching Cutters by Confection Couture

Pot of Gold Cookie Stencils and Matching Cutters by Confection Couture

Show your family and friends how much you treasure them when you bring out these Pot of Gold Cookies from Confection Couture!

Here's what you'll need:

Getting Started

The first step, of course, is to bake and ice your cookies!

Preparing for Stenciling

For the gold design elements, try mixing colors to get the perfect shade! Add a couple of squirts of Honey colorant into a plastic dropper bottle. Add an equal amount of Gold Shimmer, cap, and shake to mix thoroughly. 

Load a few drops of the new mixture into the reservoir of the AirGenie Airbrush System airbrush tool.

Next, test out the color by spraying it on a piece of white paper. If necessary, adjust the color by adding either more honey or more gold.

For intricate stencil elements, use Glad Press'n Seal for masking. 

Cut a piece roughly the size of the stencil and press it firmly, flattening it to remove any bubble or wrinkles. Next, use the Gyro-Cut craft and hobby cutting tool to trim around the edge of the stencil and remove any excess plastic.

Using the Gyro cutter, trim around the gold stripe of the rainbow design and also around the gold coins inside the pot. Turn the blade sideways and use it to lift a corner of each trimmed area of plastic and then carefully peel them away.

To save time later, you can also use cut away the plastic cutting all of the gold elements from the other four cookie designs. 

To prepare for stenciling, take the Stencil Genie and separate the two sections. Place the thicker portion down, magnets facing up, and center the rainbow/pot of gold design in the middle of the square.

Next, place the Screen Genie over the top of the layers. This works great to help hold all portions of the stencil flat against the surface of the cookie and also keep the edges of the design nice and crisp.

Next, lock everything together using the  upper half of the Stencil Genie.

You can also use Cookie Magnets, in stacks of three or four, to further help press any sections of the stencil against the cookie surface, if need be.

Always test out the airflow on a stack of paper towels or sheet of white paper prior to airbrushing each cookie and color. Adjust the flow as needed using the knob on top of the AirGenie unit.

Apply the color in light, even coats moving the tip of the airbrush tool in a tight, circular motion. Once completed, place this cookie aside.

If any portions of the stencil are still not flat against the curved cookie, use a chopstick or long needle to press those areas down as you pass by with the airbrush spray.

For the "Gold" text of the word cookie, repeat the above steps. However, after centering the stencil elements in the Stencil Genie, use two Quadrant Masking Tools to protect the areas of the cookie surrounding the design from overspray. 

Airbrush as you did earlier using the mixed gold colorant.

Use the above techniques to airbrush the gold buckle on the hat cookie.

Now that all of the gold elements are complete, you can remove the Glad Press'n Seal from the stencil. To clean it, simply run it under the faucet and dry completely using a lint-free towel or paper towels.

Re-cover the stencil with Press'n Seal and trim away the plastic covering the elements that will be green: the rainbow stripe and the belt of the hat.

Load 5-6 drops of Emerald green into the tool and fill in the green rainbow stripe as described previously.

Continue with the green belt of the hat cookie.

Repeat the masking and airbrushing process for the orange (Tangerine) stripe of the rainbow cookie.

Once again, mask and airbrush the red stripe on the rainbow cookie using Super Red.

All three cookie designs contain black elements, so you'll need a new sheet of Glad and a bottle of Midnight Black colorant.

Airbrush the body of the hat design.

Lastly, fill in the "Pot of" text on the word cookie.

Your Pot of Gold cookies are now complete and ready say "Top of the morning!" or whatever time of day it is to your family and friends!

For more tips and ideas, visit ConfectionCoutureStencils.com today!

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