Mountain Forest Cookie Edger Stencils

Mountain Forest Cookie Edger Stencils

Sunset Cookies

Airbrushing your cookies with a beautiful landscape just got a little easier with cookie edger stencils from Use the cookie edger stencils to mask and outline scenes from nature using nothing but your airbrush and a stencil genie. Everything used in this tutorial is listed below:

Pine Trees Cookie Stencil Edger

Mountain Range Stencil Edger

Stencil Genie

Air Genie Airbrush System

DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring

Cookie Magnets

Load the mountain range cookie stencil into the stencil genie

Start by loading the top of the mountain edger stencil into the stencil genie. Since the mountain range is going to be in the background of the scene on the cookie above, we will be masking it off with the sunset behind it. Place the top of the mountain stencil so that it is about 1/3 the way down from the top of the cookie.

Load Amerimist into the Stencil Genie and test it on paper towel

Next you will want to load your airbrush with yellow Amerimist airbrush food coloring. Test out the airflow on a piece of paper towel before stenciling the design to make sure color is coming out of the airbrush evenly.

Airbrush a yellow circle and the mountain range

Start by airbrushing a small circle just above the mountain range, then color along the top of the stencil. The circle you started with will be the sun and the rest of the yellow will be the glow of the sunset behind the mountains. As you stencil along the mountain range, use a chopstick or skewer to hold the stencil flat to the cookie surface.

Repeat this pattern on each cookie

Once you have stenciled the first cookie with this yellow pattern, lift the stencil genie off the cookie and place onto the next one to repeat the pattern. Do this for all of your cookies. No need to have each cookie exactly the same as no two sunsets are ever the same either!

Next stencil orange onto the cookie

After stenciling yellow onto each cookie, we are ready to move onto the next color. Carefully line the stencil genie and mountain range back up with the previously stenciled mountain range. Spray out the rest of the yellow Amerimist food coloring and fill the airbrush with orange. Between you and me, we didn’t rinse the color well of the airbrush out since we are going from a lighter to darker color. Test out the orange on a piece of paper towel to check that orange is coming out evenly. Before shading orange into sunset above the yellow, place a round cookie magnet over the yellow circle where the sun will be!

Shade orange into the top

Shade the orange in around the cookie magnet, just above the yellow, so that the orange glow of the sky leaves a hint of yellow behind the mountain range untouched. You don’t have to have a sun in your sunset either. Try shading orange in above the yellow with no cookie magnet, just be sure to leave some room at the top for red.

Airbrush red around the top

Now empty out the airbrush one more time and load it with red Amerimist food coloring. Again, we didn’t rinse out the airbrush between orange and red since the colors blend pretty well. Test out the red on a piece of paper towel before moving on to the cookie. Place the magnet for the sun then shade in the top of the cookie with red, slightly overlapping the orange.

Nice transition from red to orange

You should have a nice transition from red, to orange, to yellow behind the mountain range! Next let’s add some pine trees!

Airbrush green for the pine trees

For the next step, load the Pines Trees edger stencil into the Stencil Genie. We’re using the opposite end of the edger that we used with the mountain range since we are stenciling the image of the trees and not masking off like we did for the mountain. Since the trees will be green and the last color in the airbrush was red, be sure to run water (or vodka) through the airbrush and let it dry before adding the green Amerimist food coloring. Load the green Amerimist food coloring into the airbrush and test it out on a piece of paper towel to make sure it doesn’t sputter any abnormal colors from leftover red. Before airbrushing the trees, place cookie magnets on the surface of the stencil. Use a chopstick to hold down the tree details as you stencil, working on one section of the trees at a time. Build the color gradually with a back and forth motion with the airbrush.

Beautiful multicolor scene

Look at that beautiful scene! Try shifting the Pine Trees and Mountain Range Edger stencil around from cookie to cookie for a unique design on each one! Don’t stop there though, by mixing up the colors you can use the same stencils for a completely different look!


BlackDark Green

By using metallic silver, blue, and black, you can stencil a moonlit night onto your cookies instead of a scenic sunset. Follow the same steps as before except this time use the colors of dusk. The only difference between the two designs is that we shaded the green pine trees with a very thin coat of black food coloring once we were finished… that way we could have some pines at night!

Pines at Night

Try adding your own twist on these cookies by adding an extra mountain range, or perhaps using purple food coloring for an even more majestic sunset at twilight! Let your creativity shine with these sweet stencils for baking perfection! Check out for more information about out cookie edger stencils and see the video tutorial below for a step by step guide on how we stenciled these cookies! 

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