Introducing the Screen Genie for cookie airbrushing!

Introducing the Screen Genie for cookie airbrushing!

Screen Genie

Confection Couture invites you to try the Screen Genie!

The Screen Genie is designed for use with the Stencil Genie and Stencil Genie XTC. 

Using the Screen Genie to prevent underspray


Underspray is common pitfall of the cookie airbrushing process. With traditional methods, portions of your stencil may tend to lift away from the curved cookie surface. This can lead to food coloring inadvertently traveling underneath the stencil, commonly known as underspray.


The control groupStencil GenieNot perfect

For the first example, we used just the Stencil Genie to mask off some stripes on the holiday cookie. The cookie came out okay, but the lines aren't as crisp as we would like them to be. Also, some green underspray has occurred on the left side between the stripes.

Screen Genie unassembledRubber insertThe fine mesh screenAdding the framePress it togetherTaut


Before repeating the experiment with the Screen Genie, first it must be assembled. 

First, place the white, rubber insert on a flat, sturdy surface such as a table. Next. lay the mesh screen over it, taking care to line up the grooves in the screen with the sides of the insert. Lastly, place the frame over the top (with the raised lettering facing up) and press down firmly to lock all the components together. Once assembled the screen should be stretched taut between all four sides of the frame.

How to use the Screen Genie

Stencil Genie XTCScreen GeniePlace Screen Genie over stencil and lock in with top half of Stencil GenieAirbrush as beforeSharptwo pees

Next place the bottom half of the Stencil Genie (or the Stencil Genie XTC, depending upon the thickness of the cookie) and position the stencil over it.

Now, place the assembled Screen Genie over the stencil, and then the top piece of the Stencil Genie over that to lock the whole thing together. Position the whole contraption over the cookie and airbrush as normal. 

Note: It may be necessary to add a bit more color than you normally would as the screen will collect some of the coloring as it passes through.

You can see on the right cookie that the lines are less crisp and that some underspray has occurred, especially on the left side of the cookie.

another onerustyflaky

Let's repeat the process with this snowflake stencil. This time we'll use the Quadrant Masking Tool to mask off the other unwanted stencil designs.

 with screenscreenedAmazing

Now we'll add the Screen Genie. The results, just like the stencil lines, are clear!

I need vitamin SeaSea, seniorSplashing all over

One more time. Let's try it with this summer-themed stencil and a small round cookie - first without the screen.

Isolation tool

For this stencil, we used the Isolation Tool for Cookie Stencils in place of the two Quadrant Masking Tools. Having as few layers of material between the stencil and the mesh screen allows the screen to press against all the  elements of the stencil.

This time, we'll need to use the Stencil Genie XTC.

Stencil GenieXTCCombine XTC with the narrower top of the Stencil Genie

It's thicker than the regular Stencil Genie and will help steady the device over the cookie. If the frame is rocking back and forth as it rests on the cookie, you might get some underspray despite the use of the Screen Genie.

Screen queensTake your vitaminsRight is right

We also place the Isolation Tool underneath the stencil as opposed to over it. As we mentioned before, the closer the mesh is to the stencil, the better!

Cleaning your Screen Genie

DisassemblyRemove the screenTake a dipPat dryBlow a bone

We recommend cleaning the mesh screen after a few cookies. To do this, simply rinse the Screen Genie under a faucet until no more colorant is visible. Using some paper towels or lint-free dish towel, dry the assembly completely before reuse.

For a periodic and more thorough cleaning, first disassemble the three components. Next, similar to cleaning a stencil, simply dip the mesh in clean water. Then, pat dry with a paper towel. A quick blow dry is also recommended as tiny droplets of water tend to remain in the microscopic spaces in the mesh itself.

NOTE: ***Repeated disassembly and reassembly of the pieces can lead to stretching and/or tearing of the mesh, so this thorough cleaning is only recommended when absolutely needed.***

The Screen Genie is sure to make your confections even more spectacular!

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