Fourth of July Cookie Confection Collection

Fourth of July Cookie Confection Collection

Enjoy the sweet taste of freedom with Confection Couture's Fourth of July Cookie Confection Collection! 

Featuring 4 stencil sheets with Independence Day messages, and Americana accents, these cookie stencils can be used with airbrushing or royal icing. 

What you will need

Here's what you'll need to create your confection masterpiece.

Glad Press'n Seal and GyroCut tool

First, cut a piece of Glad Press'n Seal to fit over the stencil. Flatten to remove any bubbles or wrinkles. Next, use the Gyro-Cut craft and hobby cutting tool to trim around the desired stencil elements.

Peel away the trimmed portionPeel away the cut portion of the Press'n Seal.

Stencil Genie and Quadrant Masking ToolThe Stencil Genie is perfect for holding the stencil in place over the cookie. Use the Quadrant Masking Tools to shield the rest of the cookie from unwanted overspray.

Test AirGenie airflow before airbrushingOnce your AirGenie Airbrush System is assembled and loaded with the first color, test out and adjust as needed the airflow on a stack of clean paper towels. Repeat this step before each cookie and color.

Apply color in light even coatsApply each color in light, even coats.

First cookie color

First stencil element is complete!

 Cookie magnets

Cookie magnets are perfect for holding the stencil flat against the cookie surface.

Next stencil

Airbrush the next stencil element.

Cookie #2

Clean the airbrush tool between colors.

Be sure to clean the airbrush tool between colors. First, rinse out the reservoir four or five times with clean water.

Run clean water thru the tool 2x then food-grade alcohol 1x

Repeat this once more with water and lastly again with grain alcohol or 100-proof vodka. This will ensure that all the liquid inside the tool evaporates and will prevent the next color from being diluted.

Use Glad Press'n Seal for every stencil and color

Proceed with the next color.

Stars and Stripes


First completed cookie

"...of July"

Another one

Blue stars

Blue flags

Moving on

Red stars

Red flagsGo for the gold

Stars and Stripes may be forever but these Fourth of July Confection Collection Cookies will disappear fast at your next Independence Day celebration! Visit for more information.



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