The Best Cookie Cutter Ever: DuraCut Cookie Cutters

The Best Cookie Cutter Ever: DuraCut Cookie Cutters

The Best Cookie Cutter Ever

Introducing the last cookie cutter you'll ever need: DuraCut! Well, you are gonna want different shapes, so maybe not the LAST cookie cutter.

Here at Confection Couture, we have engineered a cookie cutter that will outlive the fruit cake in your freezer from 2009! We have crafted a biodegradable, food safe, super strength cookie cutter that will stay in perfect condition no matter how many times you use it. Our cookie cutters are all made in the USA. 

Scroll down to watch our DuraCut Cookie Cutters video tutorial.

Why we made the DuraCut Cookie Cutter

Other cookie cutters just didn’t cut it. They were flimsy, breakable and always bent out of shape. Like me when I wore that glove to crush this unexceptional cookie cutter. (Seriously, though - wear a glove to test the mettle of your cookie cutters. You could injure yourself).

the best cookie cutter what is the best cookie cutter

Joking aside, we made the DuraCut cookie cutters because we were tired of trying to cut and decorate perfect cookies with old, bent and broken cookie cutters. Our vintage tin cookie cutters from Grandma were bent and crooked, the flimsy plastic cookie cutters we bought last month were cracked down the side. Cookie cutters that are bent out of shape or cracked on one side are no good for baking. We wanted a cookie cutter that could withstand weeks and months forgotten in the baking drawer, being slowly crushed by a bag of flour and last year’s birthday candles. 

As cookie and cake decorating experts we decided we could do better than the typical cookie cutters we found on the market. Challenge accepted. We created our DuraCut Cookie Cutters to solve our common cookie cutter frustrations and after much baking we can now announce DuraCut cookie cutters really are the best cookie cutters.

Why is the DuraCut Cookie Cutter the Best Cookie Cutter

Our DuraCut cookie cutters are made to last. They are crafted from a stiff, biodegradable and food safe plastic that won’t bend, break or lose its shape, even if you run it over with your car. (Really, we tried this). 

Before During After
Can your other cookie cutters survive being driven over by a car? (Disclaimer: no tires were harmed in the making of this tutorial). 

The point is these are really tough cookie cutters, made with a reinforced sidewall to keep them from bending, breaking or losing their shape. DuraCut cookie cutters are cookie cutters you can actually use again and again, year after year. So, you won’t need to keep replacing your Christmas cookie cutters, birthday or graduation cookie cutters. When you unpack your DuraCut cookie cutters they will always be in ship shape and ready to cut beautiful cookies. 

State of the art

Not only are DuraCut cookie cutters strong, they can also cut cookie dough to perfection. Our cookie cutters winnow to a thin, sharp cutting edge that will cut any cookie dough with smooth and careful precision. 

How to Clean DuraCut Cookie Cutters

The one thing our perfect cookie cutters are not is dishwasher safe. Please, do not put our DuraCut Cookie Cutters in your dishwasher. We made sure that the food safe plastic we use to make our DuraCut cookie cutters is biodegradable. Because our DuraCut cookie cutters are biodegradable they cannot survive a trip through the dishwasher. However, they are very easy to clean in the sink with a little warm water and soap. 

After handwashing your DuraCut cookie cutters, store them in your baking drawer or cupboard for your next baking project. 

How to Use DuraCut Cookie Cutters

Excelling  Ready! Mmmm...

When our cookie cutters aren't "baking" on the pavement, they can be found expertly yet gently cutting through the sweetest cookie doughs.

Our DuraCut cookie cutters are exceptionally easy to use. First, roll out your cookie dough on a clean and lightly floured surface and position the DuraCut cookie cutter on top of the cookie dough. Then, press the cookie cutter all the way into the cookie dough, and shimmy it slightly. Lift the cookie cutter out of the dough, and let the dough gently fall out of the cookie cutter. Place the newly cut cookie on a baking sheet. And repeat.  

You can also use our cookie cutters to shape biscuits or pastries. 

DuraCut Cookie Cutter Shapes and Sizes

 Our DuraCut cookie cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can easily be paired with your favorite cookie stencil template

Many shapes and sizes available! Shapes

Looking for a more traditional cookie cutter shape? Try our geometric shape cookie cutters in different sizes. It's hip to be square sometimes. Or maybe you'd like to toss these circles around. Perhaps you just love heart shaped cookie cutters. Could it be you'd like to make your party guests stop for these octagons. Or you could just corner them with these rectangles.


These Halloween shapes could be the ones that get you in the spooky spirit. Or you could exercise your freedom to make some USA cookies for a Fourth of July picnic. Don't be a turkey -these awesome Thanksgiving cookie cutters are made for decorating desserts you want to gobble up! And don't be left out in the cold this winter without a snowman cookie cutter. Or will you be lucky enough to choose our four-leaf clover shaped cookie cutter? Maybe our love-themed cookie cutter can help you set a romantic culinary mood this Valentines day.


Maybe your taste is for something a little fancier? Check out these (pun-free) plaque-shaped cookie cutters! They are a perfect shape for decorating cookies for special occasions, weddings, baby showers, graduations and more.

This is just a taste of the DuraCut cookie cutter shapes you can choose from. 

Watch our DuraCut Cookie Cutters Video Tutorial:

At Confection Couture, we pride ourselves in crafting high quality cookie and cake decorating tools for culinary professionals and home bakers alike, all made in the USA.

You can shop our selection of stunning cookie and cake stencils including Julia Usher's cookie stencils to create delectable hand decorated cookies and cakes. Our innovative line of DuraCut cookie cutters are engineered to be the best cookie cutters you’ll ever find. For coffee lovers, we also offer barista stencils so you can create your own Instagram worthy latte art.

You can learn more about how to airbrush cookies and cakes, make your own latte art and more DIY cookie and cake decorating techniques in our blog or with our cookie decorating video tutorials.

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