Confection Couture’s Baby Shower / Gender Reveal Confection Collection

Confection Couture’s Baby Shower / Gender Reveal Confection Collection

Be sure to deliver the second biggest surprise at your next baby celebration with Confection Couture’s Baby Shower / Gender Reveal Confection Collection!

Here are all the stencils included in this collection:

Stencils included with this collection

Here are the cookies you'll need:


And here are all the accessories and tools you will need:

Everything you will need

First stencil

Load the first stencil into the Stencil Genie by separating the two pieces and laying the thicker portion on the work surface with the magnets facing up. Position the stencil so that the design is centered within the square.

Quadrant Masking Tool

Place two Quadrant Masking Tools on either side of the design to protect the edges of the cookie from overspray. 

Next, use the other piece of the Quadrant Masking Tool to lock everything into place.

Cookie magnets.

The weight of our cookie magnets can help to keep the stencil flush against the cookie surface. Place them where they are most effective, but not too close to the stencil elements.

DecoPac airbrush food coloring

Take the Malibu Blue DecoPac food coloring and shake bottle thoroughly before putting five or six drops into the airbrush tool reservoir.

Test airflow

Test the airflow on a stack of clean paper towels and adjust the flow as needed to achieve a light spray.

 Light even coats

Use a long needle or similar tool to hold down any portions of the stencil that are tending to lift away from the icing.

Apply color in light, even coats.

Blue onesie.

Put this cookie aside and move on to the next one. Clean each stencil between colors by soaking it in a large bowl containing fresh water or rinsing it under a faucet. Pat dry with a lint-free or paper towel.

Next cookie

Repeat the above steps to airbrush the horizontal stripes, moving the needle as needed to keep the stencil flush.

Horizontal stripes

Move from cookie to cookie stenciling one color at a time. This will help minimize the number of times you need to clean the airbrush tool.

Glad Press'n Seal

For more intricate designs, use Glad Press'n Seal to mask off smaller stencil elements.

Flatten to remove bubbles and/or wrinkles

Press the plastic over the stencil and flatten to remove any bubbles or wrinkles. First, cut a piece roughly the size of the stencil and then use your fingers to flatten it out, removing any bubbles or wrinkles.

Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool

Next, use the Gyro Cut craft and hobby cutting tool to cut around the desired stencil element(s). In this case, that would be the word "He" and the left footprint.

Peel away

After cutting around the desired portions of the stencil, turn the Gyro cutter blade sideways and use it to lift the corner of the trimmed plastic. Peel away the plastic covering the stencil elements.

He but not she

Now, airbrush the word "He" and the left footprint using the above steps and the Stencil Genie and Quadrant Masking Tools.

Blue clothesline elements

Use Glad Press'n Seal to isolate blue clothes on clothesline stencil.

What will it be?

Move on to the next stencil, which contains the words "What will it be".

What will it be? Like really...

Mask and airbrush, as described earlier.

Next, use the Quadrant Masking Tools to isolate the question mark element.

Airbrush the question mark in the center of the blue stripes.

Rinse the reservoir

Before switching to the next color, you'll want to thoroughly clean the airbrush tool. Start by rinsing out the reservoir four or five times using clean water.

Run water then vodka through the tool

Next, fill the reservoir with clean water and run it through the tool with the airflow turned all the way up. Repeat this step using water once more and then finally again using an inexpensive 100-proof vodka. Vodka will evaporate quickly and prevent the next color from unintentionally being diluted. 

Rose Petal Pink

It's time for the next color: Petal Pink. Load a few drops into your clean airbrush tool.

Gyro-Cut again

Use the Press'n Seal and Gyro-Cut tool to cut out the "or She" and the right footprint.

Complete this cookie

Complete this cookie by airbrushing it with the pink food coloring.

Next stencil with pink

Airbrush the next pink element: the other onesie.

Pink onesie

Finish the pink onesie and place aside.

Vertical stripes

Next up are the pink vertical stripes and the onesie outline over the blue horizontal stripes you airbrushed earlier.

Completed plaid designThe plaid design with question mark is now complete!

Next question

Now, add the pink question mark to the "what will it be" cookie.

What will it be?

"What will it be?"

Pink clothes for clothesline

Next, complete the pink elements on the clothesline design.

Polka dots

Lastly, use the Pearl Shimmer food coloring to add polka dots to the onesie designs.


Repeat this step for the pink onesie.

Completed cookies

Your Baby Shower / Gender Reveal cookies are now complete and ready to welcome the new little one to the loving world! 

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