New Driver Sixteenth Birthday Cookie Stencil Set from Confection Couture

New Driver Sixteenth Birthday Cookie Stencil Set from Confection Couture

Take your teenager's taste buds for a ride with this Caution New Driver Sixteenth Birthday Cookie Stencil Set from Confection Couture!

Decorate your own cookie sticks for a variety of occasions including weddings, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, baby showers, gender reveals, Fourth of July celebrations, and others.

What can you I use to stencil cookies?

Whether it’s airbrushing or using royal icing, Confection Couture has everything you need to stencil the perfectly beautiful and whimsical cookie! This includes an incredible selection of stencil designs for all occasions, airbrush systems, colorants, and accessories.

What kind of icing do you use for cookie stencils?

Royal Icing works best for either coloring and creating the stencil itself or for creating a perfect surface onto which to airbrush your stenciled design.

Can you airbrush cookies?

It’s easy to create beautiful designs on cookies or cakes using our incredible selection of stencils and accessories!

What do you need to airbrush cookies?

Confection Couture has everything you need to create whimsical designs on your cookies or cakes for any occasion!

What is the easiest way to decorate cookies?

Using stencils, in conjunction with either airbrushing or royal icing, is a super easy way to create exciting themed cookies for any holiday or celebration or just for the fun of it!

Here's what you'll need:

The first step is to bake and ice all the cookie sticks you will need.

First cookieSilver ShimmerLight coats

For the background of the Speed Limit 16 cookie, load some DecoPac Silver Shimmer airbrush food color in your AirGenie airbrush tool and test out the airflow on a paper towel. Adjust as needed using the knob on top of the unit. Now you can airbrush the entire cookie using small circular motions and numerous light coats. Take care not to add so much colorant that the liquid begins to collect into droplets. Once finished, place this cookie aside to dry.

EmeraldAngle towards the edges tooGreen background

Repeat the above steps using Emerald colorant to airbrush the background of the Sweet Sixteen St cookie.

HoneyAirbrushingYellow background

Finally, airbrush the background of the Caution New Driver cookie using Honey colorant.

Midnight Black"Speed Limit 16" stencilStencil GenieSeparate upper and lower portionPlace stencilScreen GenieLock togetherCookie MagnetsTwo on either side of cookieApparatus over top and then more magnetsStencilingFirst cookie finished

Next, load some Midnight Black into the airbrush tool. Take your Stencil Genie and separate the top and bottom portions, placing the thicker piece down - magnets facing up. Position the Speed Limit design in the center of the square. 

Now, place your Screen Genie over the top of the stencil and lock everything together using the remaining piece of the Stencil Genie. Place two cookie magnets on either side of the your cookie. Line up the stencil tool apparatus over the cookie where you'll want the design to go and place more cookie magnets on top the of the existing stacks to help secure the stencil in place. 

Airbrush through the stencil using the technique described above. Once completed, carefully remove the apparatus. Your first cookie is now complete!

Next stencilCenter design in squareScreen Genie and Stencil GenieApparatus over cookieStenciling in blackCookie #2 complete

Next, center the Caution New Driver design in the Stencil Genie and repeat the above steps to complete your second cookie.

Royal IcingCookie magnetsSecure stencil in placeBaking spatulaSpread through stencilCookie stencil scraperScrape away excess icingCarefully lift stencilSweet Sixteen St

Airbrushing lighter colors (white) over darker colors (emerald) doesn't work so for this stencil design we decided to use white royal icing.

With your icing mixed and ready to go, place a couple of magnets above and below the cookies before positioning the stencil. Add more magnets to hold the stencil in place. 

Next, gently add the icing over the top of the stencil design using a baking spatula. Once the entire design is filled in with icing, use a Cookie Stencil Scraper to scrape the icing over the stencil, leaving a even layer within the design. Carefully lift the stencil straight up and away to reveal the icing design.

Finished cookies

Your cookies are now complete and ready to congratulate the birthday boy or girl as they hit the road!

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