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Slice of Paradise Dynamic Duos™ Stenciled Cookie


** NEW! LIVE ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING SESSIONS WITH JULIA ON SUPERPEER! ** MORE INFO HERE:! Hi, everyone! I’m back to demo another of my very cool Dynamic Duos™ stencil designs! This one is called “Slice of Paradise”, and while it’s certainly true to its name in depicting a tropical paradise of flowers and birds, “dynamic” and “duos” are really the operative words. You see, like all of my Duos™ designs, it consists of TWO complementary sets whose elements can be MOVED AROUND to create scads of cookie designs! When coming up with my Duos™ designs, I often take cues from the seasons or approaching holidays. But, in this case, I was in desperate need of a tropical leaf stencil to use as a backdrop for my recent hibiscus cookies and so I decided to do the most expedient thing and design my own. I hope you enjoy these sets, both on their own (as shown in this video) and incorporated into other cookie designs (as in my hibiscus video, link below). In addition to showing you how to use these two sets on cookies, this video explores contoured fondant appliqués as a way of bringing added dimension to cookies! RELATED VIDEOS: My Stencil Line Playlist (with more how-to videos using stencils from my line): How to Make Royal Icing (with Consistency Adjustments): Summer Botanical Series: Hibiscus Cookie: MY MOST COMMONLY USED TOOLS: Many are here in my new Amazon store: OTHER SPECIALTY TOOLS: My “Slice of Paradise" Dynamic Duos™ Background Stencil Set: My “Slice of Paradise” Dynamic Duos™ Message and Frame Stencil Set: My Stencil of the Month Club: My Entire Stencil Line (which is continually expanding): More Cookie Stencils on the Confection Couture Stencils Site: Stencil Genie (aka Stencil Frame): Petal Crafts Compressed Petal Dust Palette: Small #1 or #2 Chisel Blender Brush: RELATED RECIPES: Gingerbread Cookie: Royal Icing: AIRBRUSH COLORINGS USED: Flowers: AmeriMist Deep Pink or Electric Purple for petals; Orange for centers; and a custom blend (1:1) of Royal Blue and Violet to outline petals Leaves: AmeriMist Electric Purple and/or Violet along centers; Electric Green for interior; and Leaf Green for edges Stems: AmeriMist Avocado Birds: AmeriMist Orange for beaks and feet; Spectrum Flow Sky Blue, AmeriMist Violet, and a custom blend (1:1) of AmeriMist Royal Blue and Violet for feathers; Spectrum Flow Sky Blue and AmeriMist Electric Purple for interior shading Shading on Cookie Edges: Spectrum Flow Sky Blue ROYAL ICING COLORINGS* AND CONSISTENCIES: AmeriColor Orange and Violet, beadwork consistency for dots White, “glue” consistency for affixing appliqués *I use liqua-gel concentrated colorings to tint royal icing.

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