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Groomsman Dynamic Duos™ Stenciled Cookie


** NEW! LIVE ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING SESSIONS WITH JULIA ON SUPERPEER! ** MORE INFO HERE:! Hi, everyone! I’ve got another fun pair of stencil sets – one of my very own Dynamic Duos™ designs - to share with you. About a year ago, I introduced my “Bridal Party” Dynamic Duos™ sets, which were designed for bridesmaids’ gifts and bridal parties. And, because they were so wildly successful, I decided to introduce a groom’s or groomsmen’s version of those sets, just in time for fall weddings! I get into all of the details of these sets in the video. The key thing to know is that this design, like all of my Duos™ designs, is comprised of two complementary sets – a background set with pictures/imagery and a message and frame set with related messages and frames, naturally! And, with just these two sets, you can create a plethora of designs – with just two colors in this case. The need for only a few colors is another reason I love this particular design. In addition to showing you how to use these sets on cookies, I brief you on fondant appliqué, extruding, and modeling techniques used for embellishments to go on top. I also show how to get more mileage out of a single airbrush coloring simply by adjusting your triggering and coverage through shading and outlining techniques. RELATED VIDEOS: My Stencil Line Playlist (with more how-to videos using stencils from my line): How to Make Royal Icing (with Consistency Adjustments): MY MOST COMMONLY USED TOOLS: Many are here in my new Amazon store: OTHER SPECIALTY TOOLS: My “Groomsman" Dynamic Duos™ Background Stencil Set: My “Groomsman” Dynamic Duos™ Message and Frame Stencil Set: My Stencil of the Month Club: My Entire Stencil Line (which is continually expanding): More Cookie Stencils on the Confection Couture Stencils Site: Stencil Genie (aka Stencil Frame): Fondant Extruder: (I used a disk with a 3/16-inch hole) Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine: RELATED RECIPES: Gingerbread Cookie: Royal Icing: FONDANT BOWTIE DIMENSIONS: . 3/8-inch-wide “body” . 1/4-inch-wide center “tie” (Note: I misstated this dimension in the video; 1/4 inch is correct!) AIRBRUSH COLORINGS USED: . AmeriMist Super Black or Chefmaster Coal Black (at full strength and also lightened with Spectrum Flow Matte White) . AmeriMist Turquoise lightened with Spectrum Flow Matte White ROYAL ICING COLORINGS* AND CONSISTENCIES: . AmeriColor Super Black or Chefmaster Coal Black, beadwork consistency for dots . White, thick “glue” consistency for adhering embellishments to cookies *I use liqua-gel or soft-gel concentrated colorings to tint royal icing.

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