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JULIA On-Demand Compressor
JULIA On-Demand Compressor

JULIA On-Demand Compressor

Sale price $159.99 Regular price $209.99

With a maximum operating pressure of 43 psi, the JULIA On-Demand Air Compressor is ideally suited for all jobs, large and small.

The compressor includes:

  1. JULIA On-Demand Air Compressor (110V, 43 psi maximum operating pressure)
  2. 5-foot clear quick-connect air hose with inline air regulator
  3. Roll of teflon plumber’s tape

Key Features:

  1. Relatively high maximum operating pressure (43 psi), for everything from close-range detail work to broad coverage
  2. On-demand activation, meaning it operates only when the airbrush trigger is depressed, which also means it's very quiet!
  3. Fully variable air flow control
  4. Air flow controlled with an inline air regulator, conveniently located on the hose rather than the compressor
  5. Clear air hose to easily detect any moisture accumulation
  6. Long (5-foot) air hose, for flexibility in setup
  7. Convenient carrying handle


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