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Assorted Plaids Cookie Stencil Value Bundle

Assorted Plaids Cookie Stencil Value Bundle

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About this item

Eight piece set that contains four different plaid designs. There is an argyle plaid, a buffalo plaid, a hounds tooth plaid and a tartan plaid design. They have all been created as two overlay designs to achieve multicolor easier. This set contains backdrops for tons of options for any cookie theme. 

Plaid Designs are GREAT accompaniment for the following Holidays, Events and Themes:

  • Argyle Print - Use for Father's Day, Golf, Graduation, Back to School
  • Tartan Plaid - Christmas Cookies and anything with a forest, Camping or outdoors theme 
  • Buffalo Plaid - Cookies with a forest or Camping theme and even Christmas has adopted this design as a trendy backdrop.
  • Houndstooth Plaid - Great for college gameday cookies for many colleges and universities (think Alabama - Roll Tide) and tailored birthday party cookies for teens and young adults. 


  • Each sheet is 5 1/2" (minus the tabs) and fit within a standard stencil genie.
  • Overall plaid designs are around 5".

Stencil Highlights

  • 10 mil food-grade Mylar
  • Greater durability than standard acetate
  • Made in the USA

This set is perfect for beginners - check out the essential tools to use along with this set that will ensure your cookie decorating success!

  • We love using these sets in conjunction with the Stencil Genie and Screen Genie to prevent overspray and keep the lines in these plaids crisp.
  • We have a HUGE selection of cookie cutters that will work along with these stencils. Keep in mind that the larger the cookie the more design will be revealed (we prefer 3" and 4" for these plaids). 
  • To perfect your application prior to using real cookies, try the Notta Cookie reusable practice cookie.