Video Tutorial of Airbrush Masking Tips for Noel and Candy Cane Stripe Stencils

Decorating Christmas Cookies has gotten a little easier with the Noel & Candy Cane Striped Background Stencils. In this tutorial we show you how easy airbrushing multiple colors onto your cookies with our stencil masking tips. Below are the tools used in this tutorial.

Noel Message Cookie Stencil
Candy Cane Stripe Background Cookie Stencil
Stencil Genie
Cookie Stencil Magnets
Gyro-Cut Craft Cutting Tool
DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring

To mask off elements of the stencil design we have been using the Gyro-Cut along with Glad Press & Seal plastic wrap. Start by pressing a square of Glad Press & Seal to the surface of your stencil so that the entire design is covered in the plastic wrap. Once in place, use the Gyro-Cut to gently cut around the detail that you want to isolate. Be gentle because you do not want to cut through your stencil. After cutting the plastic wrap, peel it off so that the berries of the holly plant are the only thing covered. This allows you to airbrush the surrounding design one color and the berries in another.

With the berries properly masked in Glad Press & Seal you should put your first stencil into the Stencil Genie. Take the entire Stencil Genie and put it over the cookie with the design centered. With the Stencil Genie in place put the cookie magnets around the edges of the cookie so that the stencil design is pressed against the surface. With everything ready to go you are ready to airbrush. Load your airbrush with DecoPac Forest Green Airbrush Food Color and test the flow on piece of paper towel before airbrushing your cookie. After testing the flow of your airbrush begin lightly shading through the stencil on your cookie. Be careful not to have any over spray through your design or your color may not come out evenly. Once you have finished coloring one cookie, lift up the Stencil Genie and move on to your next cookie. After stenciling all of your cookies with your first color, remove the mask from the berries and rinse off your stencil in warm water.

After cleaning your stencil, take the original piece of Glad Press & Seal and line the hole where the berries are up with where they are on the stencil. Press the wrap in place then load the stencil into your Stencil Genie. Use the cookie magnets around the edge of the cookie on the stencil to hold the design to the surface of the cookie. With everything in place, thoroughly rinse and dry your airbrush before loading it with DecoPac Super Red Airbrush Food Coloring. Again, test the flow of the food coloring out on a piece of paper towel before airbrushing your design.

With the cookies in place, lightly shade the red food coloring through the mask around your berries. Now you have a perfect two color design on your cookies!

Once you have stenciled the red berries onto your Noel Message stencil it's time to use the rest of the red food coloring in your airbrush. Load your Candy Cane Stripe Background Cookie Stencil into your Stencil Genie and put cookie magnets around the edges of your cookie to hold the stencil to the surface of your cookie. Using your airbrush, lightly shade the color red through the background stencil until you get full coverage. Be careful not to over color the design or the food coloring may become blotchy or run. The airbrush should gently mist the color through the design.

Now that your cookies have been airbrushed they're ready to plate and serve. Wait for the food coloring to dry completely before stacking them on one another.