Video Tutorial for Vintage Biplanes and Clouds Cookie Stencils

Fly high in the sky with these vintage biplanes and clouds cookie stencils. Using Glad Press n Seal you can mask your cloud stencil design to make room for the planes. To replicate this design you will need:

Vintage Biplanes Accent Cookie Stencils
louds Background Cookie Stencil
Quadrant Masking Tool
Stencil Genie
Cookie Magnets
DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring

To stencil planes flying through the clouds, start by placing the vintage biplanes stencil into the stencil genie. Center the plane you will be stenciling onto your cookie and place cookie magnets around the design to weigh the design down to the cookie surface.

Test the flow of the airbrush on a piece of paper towel before spraying onto the cookie so that the airbrush doesn't overspray onto the cookie. Slowly build up the color of the design on the cookie. Use the first cookie magnet to remove the rest from the stencil then lift the stencil genie straight off the cookie. Re-position the cookie stencil on the next cookie and repeat the process on your next cookie.

Build your next color gradually, remove the cookie magnets, then lift the cookie stencil straight off the cookie.

Now that you have stenciled a plane onto each of your cookies it's time to prepare your the clouds background stencil. Place the clouds background stencil over the the biplanes stencil. Get a sheet of Glad Press n Seal and press it flat to the surface of the cloud stencil. Using your Gyro-Cut, cut through the Glad Press n Seal around the plane stencil. Peel off the excess Press n Seal so that there is a mask left pressed to the cloud background stencil.

With the cloud stencil prepared, place the masked off area over the plane. Place the cookie magnets around the cookie and airbrush the clouds using the shimmering silver Amerimist Airbrush Colorant. Remove the cookie magnets and stencil clouds onto the rest of your cookies.

That's all there is to it! Set your cookies up production style and repeat the design on your entire batch.