Video Tutorial for Stenciling Easter Cookies with Royal Icing

Before the Easter bunny sneaks up on you this year be sure to order your Easter cookie stenciling tools from Confection Couture Stencils. In this tutorial we show you how to stencil cookies with royal icing. The tools used in this tutorial are listed below:

Easter Words Cookie Stencil -
Easter Eggs Background Cookie Stencil -
Ateco Tapered Offset Baker's Spatula with 4" Blade -
Houston Cookie Cutter -

Let's start with the Easter words cookie stencil. Your royal icing needs to be on the thicker side to stencil properly without the icing running. Place the design at the center of your cookie and hold it in place. Put a small amount of royal icing onto the end of your bakers spatula and spread it through your stencil. Try to spread the icing in just a few strokes so the icing comes out smooth. Gently lift the stencil straight off the cookie once the excess icing is removed. Before stenciling the rest of the designs be sure to wipe off excess icing with a damp cloth so you can switch colors without mixing. Continue taking up a bit of icing, smoothly spread it through the design, and lift the stencil straight off of your cookie. Repeat this process for each of your cookies. As you stencil it helps to place a finger on the stencil over the cookie and spread the icing in the opposite direction. This will help keeping the stencil in one spot as you stencil. To use larger background stencils with royal icing, spread icing away from where you are holding the stencil onto the cookie in large, broad strokes. Spread the icing smooth and flat through the stencil, removing excess icing from your spatula as you go. Once you spread the icing smooth through the background stencil, gently lift it off the cookie surface. Use a damp cloth to wipe the bakers spatula clean, then use the tip of the spatula to clean up excess icing around the edges of your cookie. If stenciling more cookies with royal icing use a damp cloth to wipe your cookie stencil clean before doing so. After stenciling in royal icing you'll have a wonderful assortment of Easter cookies to pack into the kids' Easter baskets. For more information check out the video below and visit https://www.confectioncouturestencils... to browse our products!