Video Tutorial for Reindeer Games Cookie Stencil

Airbrushing multiple colors through a cookie stencil can be daunting but let Confection Couture show you how with our Reindeer Games Cookie Stencil. In this tutorial we also use our Isolation Masking Tool, the Stencil Genie, and the Air Genie Airbrush System.

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A list of the tools needed is listed below:

Reindeer Games Cookie Stencils-
Isolation Masking Tool-
Stencil Genie-
AirGenie Airbrush System-
DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring
Cookie Magnets-
Plastic Bottle with Dropper Tip-
Assorted 4 Inch Cookie Cutters-

Get started by placing the Reindeer Games cookie stencil into your Stencil Genie. Position the part of the design you wish to stencil at the center of the Stencil Genie, then put the Isolation Masking Tool over the top. The Isolation Masking Tool is perfect for keeping your food coloring on the areas you want it to go. Place the cookie magnets around the edges of the design to hold the stencil flush to the surface.

Next, load your airbrush with Amerimist Food Coloring, then test it out on a piece of paper towel. Lightly spray food colorant through the stencil surface with the airbrush facing straight down. Gradually and lightly build the color of the design through the stencil. Once your color is right, remove the cookie magnets, then lift the Stencil Genie off the cookie. To repeat the same design on multiple cookies, simply place the Stencil Genie right onto the next cookie.

For this next cookie let's use multiple colors. With brown Amerimist Food Coloring still in the airbrush we will start with the antlers. Turn the airflow of the Air Genie Airbrush System down to decrease the area of the spray. Test the flow out on a piece of paper towel before moving to your cookie. Aim the airbrush right at the antlers to precisely build up the color.

When you are ready to airbrush the next color, unload the excess food coloring into a measuring cup or onto a piece of paper towel. Load the color well of the airbrush with Vodka (water works too), then run the airbrush until color no longer comes out the other end. Once the airbrush is completely dry you are ready to load your next color.

We put just a drop of Forest Green Amerimist Food Coloring into the airbrush to stencil the pine tree at the center of the antlers. You may want to set the airflow setting a touch lower for such fine detail. Build up the color of the Pine Tree, then clear the color with more vodka (or water).

For the last color we use the black Amerimist Food Coloring. Load the airbrush and target the wording of the stencil to complete the design. After gradually building the color of the wording, remove the cookie magnets, and lift the stencil genie right off of the cookie.

Let's stencil the next design. Open the stencil genie to position the isolation tool with the next part of the cookie stencil. Close the stencil genie then place the design on top and at the center of the next cookie. Place the cookie magnets around the edges of the design then airbrush the wording. Rinse out the airbrush once more to load it with brown Amerimist Food Coloring. Position the accent stencil and your isolation tool off to the side of the cookie to add some cute reindeer to the mix. You may want to use a trussing needle to hold the stencil flat to the cookie surface while you airbrush around the edges.

These stencils work great to stencil cookie after cookie. So you aren't switching colors multiple times for each cookie, you may want to airbrush each section of the cookie in phases depending on the color.