Video Tutorial for PYO Valentines Cookie Goodie Bags

Need ideas for Valentines day treats for your kids' parties? Confection Couture has got you covered with our Valentines Day Paint Your Own cookie stencils. Using these stencils we show you how to make your own PYO cookies for upcoming Valentines Day parties. To use PYO stencils you will need to use Royal Icing that is just about the consistency of peanut butter. Take up a bit of the royal icing using your tapered offset baker's spatula and hold the PYO stencil to the surface. Spread the royal icing through the stencil and away from your hand. Be sure to spread icing through the entire design before you scrape the excess off to put back with the rest. Gently lift the stencil straight off the cookie surface taking care not to smudge the design. Then set the cookie aside for the icing to dry while you stencil the next one. Make sure that you are spreading icing away from the hand that is holding the stencil to the cookie surface. Scrape away the excess icing and repeat! When it comes time for the color palette, the best way to do this is to use an airbrush with Amerimist Food Coloring. This works great because when it comes time to paint your cookies the food coloring acts just like watercolors! Simply put the color palette into the stencil genie, load your airbrush with the first color, and gently airbrush through the first shape for each cookie. Once you have completed the first color you will want to clean out the airbrush with vodka, let dry, line up the palette stencil with the first shape, and continue airbrushing the next color. Repeat this process until you have 4 different colors on all of your cookie palettes! Once the cookies are dry, add them to goodie bags along with a watercolor paintbrush. When it comes time to paint, give everyone a little dish of water to dip their brushes in. Just like watercolors, swirl the brushes into the color palette before painting the cookies. It's a super fun and easy way to keep a group of children (or adults) entertained! And the best part? Everyone gets to EAT their own work of art at the end! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you would like to browse out products visit https://www.confectioncouturestencils... and check out the links below for all the tools used in the video.

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