Video Tutorial for Poker Round Cookies

Is poker night coming up? Up the ante with poker round cookie stencils from Confection Couture Stencils. A royal flush may be in the cards by stenciling with royal icing beforehand. For cookies just like these you will need:

Poker Rounds Cookie Stencils 3 Piece Set
Assorted Circular Cookie Cutters
Tapered Offset Baker's Spatula
DecoPac Food Coloring

First, bake your circular sugar cookies and flood them with a base coat of royal icing. Set aside for the icing to harden before stenciling. Confection Couture Stencils offers 3 different sizes of the Poker Round Cookie Stencils: 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch. The designs depict cards, dice, and cherries; ideal for any type of casino connoisseur. Make sure the royal icing you are stenciling with is stiffer than you would use to flood your cookies. Hold the tab of the round stencil with one hand while holding the spatula in the other. With your tapered spatula, take up a bit of icing and spread it smoothly through the stencil onto your cookie. Once the icing has been spread, lift the stencil straight off the surface of your cookie. Set aside to let the design dry! To stencil with two different colors of royal icing, start with one, and lift the stencil from the surface. Wipe the royal icing clean from the spatula in the meantime. After a few minutes the royal icing will be dry and you can put the stencil back into position. Take up the second color on the spatula to spread through the next section of the design. Lift the cookie stencil straight off and you will have a beautiful, two color design. Now if your hand strays and you end up getting a bit of icing outside your stencil, quickly wipe it clean with a clean hand or piece of paper towel. You may want to dampen with water but don't go overboard or your colors could run! Once you stencil the entire batch you'll have the perfect set of lucky charms for your next game night! Visit https://www.confectioncouturestencils... to browse our stencils; sweet stencils for baking perfection!