Video Tutorial for Mother's Day Love Accent Cookie Stencil

Show your mother some love this Mother's Day with these lovely stencils from Confection Couture Stencils. Break out the royal icing or your airbrush because this stencil works great for both. This batch of cookies was decorated with royal icing. You will need:

Mother's Day Love Accent Cookie Stencil
Ateco 1385 Tapered Offset Baker's Spatula

Figure out which design you are going to stencil onto your cookie. Take up a bit of royal icing on the back of the spatula, hold the stencil in place on the cookie surface, and smoothly spread the icing through. It is easiest to spread the icing away from where the stencil is being held in place. After spreading, lift the stencil straight off the surface of the cookie.

After your first design, wipe the excess icing off your spatula with a damp cloth before moving onto the next color icing. Take up a bit of icing with the clean spatula, hold the design in place on the cookie, and spread icing away from the hand keeping the stencil in place. Once the icing is spread smooth lift the stencil off the cookie surface.

On this next stencil we used two colors for the same design. Start by spreading blue royal icing through any area of the stencil that is not the flowers. Once the blue royal icing is spread smooth through the bicycle, wipe down the spatula with a clean damp cloth. Take a bit of red royal icing with the end of the spatula and spread it through the flowers. Once the icing is spread, lift the stencil to reveal the two color design.

Decorating beautiful cookies for Mother's Day doesn't require the steady hand of a surgeon. Confection Couture Stencils makes decorating cookies with royal icing quick, easy, and satisfying.