Video Tutorial for Monogram and Greenwich Key Background Stencil

Confection Couture Stencils has a sweet Greenwich Key background cookie stencil that is perfect for your next batch! Serve beside a Simple Script Alphabet cookie stencil to fully customize your next celebration! The tools you will need for this project are:

Greenwich Key Background Cookie Stencil -
Simple Script Alphabet Cookie Stencil Set -
Isolation Masking Tool for Alphabet Cookie Stencil Sets - Quadrant Masking Tool -
Stencil Genie -
Magnets for Cookie Stencils -
Amerimist Airbrush Food Coloring -

Let's start with the Greenwich Key background cookie stencil. Place the stencil into the center of the Stencil Genie and position the genie on top of your cookie. The Stencil Genie is reversible depending on the thickness of your cookie. Use the side that holds the Stencil Genie flush against the surface of the cookie. Now that your stencil is in position you should arrange your cookie magnets around the design to ensure you get good coverage around the edges of the cookie. Test the flow of your airbrush on a piece of paper towel then begin airbrushing the design. The colorant Confection Couture recommends is Amerimist royal blue food coloring. After you get the right color lift off the magnets, then lift the stencil straight off your cookie. You can repeat this process for as many cookies as you would like by placing the stencil genie on the next one and follow the steps just as before. Once you have stenciled all your cookies with the Greenwich Key background stencil it's time to monogram. Start by lining the center letter up on the middle of your cookie on top of the stencil genie. Next use the isolation masking tool to mask off the large letter. Place the top on the stencil genie and position the cookie magnets before you begin to airbrush. Finish airbrushing the first letter before moving onto the next initials. Continue using the isolation masking tool on the smaller letters to airbrush the full monogram. You might find it useful to also use the quadrant masking tool to help mask off any tight areas of the lettering. Each time you stencil a letter be sure to place the magnets on the stencil surface to hold it flush against the cookie. After each letter, remove the magnets before lifting the stencil genie. That's how you stencil a monogrammed cookie! Check out https://www.confectioncouturestencils... to browse our products.