Video Tutorial for Love and Hugs Valentine Hugs Cookie Stencil

Decorating cookies with cookie stencils for Valentine's Day is so quick and easy that you can get it done the night before! This demonstration from Confection Couture Stencils will walk you through some of our newest designs while inspiring you to decorate some lovely cookies yourself! Everything you need to decorate these cookies are listed below:

AirGenie Airbrush System-
Amerimist Airbrush Food Coloring-
Love and Hugs Cookie Stencil-
Be Mine Cookie Stencil-
Pucker Up Cookie Stencil-
Isolation Masking Tool-
The Stencil Genie-
Magnets for Cookie Stencils-

Airbrushing cookies using cookie stencils goes so fast that your whole batch will be decorated in no time. Start by loading the cookie stencil into the Stencil Genie with the isolation masking tool. With the design centered you will be able to place the design flush against the cookie surface. Try using cookie magnets over the top of the stencil to make sure the stencil lies as flat as possible. The next step is to load the color well of the airbrush with Red Amerimist Food Coloring and test it out on a piece of paper towel. We recommend starting the airflow at the lowest level and increasing it as need be. Once you get used to the airbrush on paper towel you are ready to move on to stenciling the cookie. Build the color slowly by using a back and forth motion with the airbrush facing straight down. After 3-4 passes you should get complete color! After each design you will want to remove the cookie magnets BEFORE lifting the Stencil Genie off the cookie. If you don't the magnets might be pulled to the cookie sheet by gravity or magnetism. Save yourself the hassle and get in the habit of taking off the cookie magnets each time. At this point you can either move on the next cookie with the same design or swap out for the next one! Airbrushing unique cookie designs on each cookie is as easy as changing out the stencil in the Stencil Genie. Cookie stencils make decorating large quantities of cookies fun and easy!