Video Tutorial for Floral Easter Basket Accent Cookie Stencil

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday which means only 40 days left until Easter! Get ready to decorate your Easter cookies with Confection Couture's Floral Easter Basket Accent cookie stencil! In this brief demonstration we show you how to stencil a single color and multi-color design using your airbrush.

To stencil your cookies just like us, you will need the following tools:

Floral Easter Basket Accent Cookie Stencil
Stencil Genie
Cookie Magnets
Gyro-Cut Craft Cutting Tool
DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring
Moscow Plaque Cookie Cutter
Glad Press n' Seal

Start off by placing your stencil into the Stencil Genie. Use the magnetic frame to hold the stencil in place then place the design on the center of your cookie. The frame of the Stencil Genie is reversible with two different thicknesses depending on the height of your cookie. Select the side that allows the stencil to sit against the cookie surface. Use the cookie magnets around the outer edges of the cookie to hold the stencil design flat against the cookie surface.

With your stencil in place you may begin stenciling your cookie design. Add Sky Blue Amerimist Food Colorant to your airbrush and be sure to test the flow on a piece of paper towel. Start lightly building the color of your design on your cookie until you reach a solid color fill. After getting the desired color lift the cookie magnets off the stencil before lifting off the Stencil Genie. If you are doing multiple single color cookies, simply place then stencil over your next cookie and repeat the process.

Now let's demonstrate how to stencil in multiple colors using the same stencil. To do this we are going to use Glad Press n Seal food wrap and the Gyro-Cut craft cutting tool. Take a sheet of Glad Press n Seal and press it to the surface of the cookie stencil on a flat surface. Using the rotating tip of the Gyro-Cut, cut around the portion of the design you wish to stencil. Peel off that section of the Glad Press n Seal and load your masked cookie stencil into the Stencil Genie.

Once your stencil is masked and in place, begin airbrushing that section in Fuschia Amerimist Food Colorant. If airbrushing many cookies, stencil this portion of the design on several cookies at once one after another. Stencil one or many cookies with this portion of the design then take the cookie stencil out of the genie and cut out a different section of the design. Either use a fresh piece of Glad Press n Seal or the same piece that was just airbrushed. Mask off the Easter basket and cut out the next section of the design to airbrush. That's how we airbrushed the Easter eggs in Amerimist Forest Green and the butterflies in Amerimist Sky Blue.

No matter how you use Confection Couture's Floral Easter Basket Accent Cookie Stencil you will end up with an impressive design on your Easter cookies. This design works super well on the Moscow Plaque cookie cutter as pictured above!