Video Tutorial for Champagne Toast to 2019 New Years Cookie Stencil

Wish everyone a Happy New Year in 2019 with a champagne toast cookie stencil from Confection Couture Stencils! Our cookie stencils work perfect with the Stencil Genie and Amerimist Food Colorants. The tools used in this demonstration are listed below:

Champagne Toast Accent Stencil
Nouveau Fan Background Stencil
Gyro-Cut Craft Cutting Tool
Stencil Genie
Cookie Magnets
DecoPac Food Colorants

When using Confection Couture's champagne toast accent stencil with the nouveau fan background stencil we use Glad Press n' Seal plastic wrap to mask the design elements. Press a sheet of this plastic wrap to the surface of the accent stencil.

Using the rotating blade of the Gyro-Cut, gently trace cut around the design without pressing too hard as not to cut the mylar of the stencil. Once you've cut all around the stencil accent, peel the Glad Press n' Seal off the stencil without letting it get stuck to itself.

Take the inner portion of the Glad Press n' Seal that matches the champagne toast stencil accent and press it to the center of the nouveau fan background stencil. It helps to put the the champagne toast accent stencil beneath the background stencil while you press the mask to it. Then take the masked background stencil and put it into the stencil genie over your first cookie, adding the cookie magnets around the outer edges of the stencil.

Test the flow of your airbrush on a piece of paper towel before airbrushing your next cookie. The Amerimist food color we use for this first cookie is Sky Blue. After testing the airbrush flow, begin to slowly build the airbrush color through the stencil without spraying to close to the surface. Once you reach full coverage, lift your stencil and repeat the background on the rest of your cookies.

Mask off the bottle of the champagne toast accent stencil with another piece of Glad Press n' Seal cut using the Gyro-Cut. Position your stencil and cookie magnets in the uncolored space of the background of your cookie. Make sure that your airbrush is cleaned out of the Amerimist Sky Blue before filling it with Amerimist Fuchsia food coloring. Test out the flow of the airbrush on a piece of paper towel then build the fuchsia color through the unmasked portion of the stencil. After stenciling your first, continue to airbrushing the rest of your cookies in the same fashion.

Once you have finished stenciling the fuchsia color, remove the stencil mask and rinse off your stencil with warm water. After drying the stencil off, mask off the stars to stencil the champagne bottle. Position your stencil with the cookie magnets in the last remaining space of the background stencil. Test out the Amerimist Black airbrush food colorant on a piece of paper towel before slowly building the color on your final cookie. Once again, reposition the stencil on your remaining cookies until they have all been completed!