Video Tutorial for Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Hanukkah Cookie Stencils

Celebrate the festival of lights with Hanukkah cookie stencils from Confection Couture Stencils! In this video we demonstrate the various uses for 4 of our popular Hanukkah stencil designs. The tools used in this tutorial are listed below.

Hanukkah Background Cookie Stencil -
Menorah Background Cookie Stencil -
Happy Hanukkah Accent Stencil -
Hanukkah Trinkets Accent Cookie -
Stencil Genie -
Cookie Stencil Magnets -
DecoPac Airbrush Food Colorant
Tapered Offset Baker's Spatula -

Let's start off by demonstrating how to airbrush with the Hanukkah Background Cookie Stencil. Put the bottom half of the stencil genie over your cookie and snap the top into place magnetically. Depending on how thick your cookies are you may use either end of the stencil genie. You want your stencil to lay as flat as possible against the top of your cookie. Use the Cookie Stencil Magnets on top of the stencil around the edges of the cookie to help keep the design flush against the surface. Now we will decorate the cookie using the airbrush. Put a few drops of Amerimist Airbrush Food Coloring into your airbrush. You may want more if you will be stenciling multiple cookies at once. Test out the spray on a piece of paper towel before airbrushing the food coloring through the stencil design. Once you have got a feel for the flow rate, spray the food coloring evenly through your stencil being careful of any uncontrolled bursts of food coloring. Once you have shaded in the entire design lift the entire stencil genie off your cookie. For these two background stencils we used Royal Blue and Gold Sheen Amerimist Airbrush Food Coloring. Our stencils may also be used with royal icing. You will need to make a stiffer royal icing than you would use to flood your cookies. Take your Happy Hanukkah Accent stencil in one hand and your tapered offset baker's spatula in the other. Hold the stencil design flat against the surface of your cookie then take up a bit of royal icing with your tapered spatula. Spread the icing through the cookie moving the spatula away from the hand keeping the stencil in place. After 2-3 strokes the royal icing should be evenly spread through the design. Lift the stencil straight off the cookie then move on to the next one! Our Hanukkah Trinkets Accent stencil works really well with smaller cookies like these white chocolate dipped oreos. Once again we will be using royal icing to spread through the design. Hold the Hanukkah Trinkets Accent stencil flat in one hand and spread your royal icing through with your tapered baker's spatula in the other. After 2-3 strokes when the royal icing is spread smooth, lift the stencil off your cookie.