Video Tutorial for Autumn Macaron Cookie Stenciling with Pearl Dust

In this installment of the Confection Couture stenciling tutorials, we show you how to stencil your cookie with Wilton's Pearl Dust. For this tutorial you will need some macarons, Wilton's Pearl Dust, and a food grade stencil brush. Before you begin we recommend freezing your macarons. Freezing your macarons first will stiffen the filling. Any condensation your cookies develop will also help your pearl dust adhere to the surface. Collect some pearl dust in a small dish then swirl in your brush. Don't collect too much dust, then begin bouncing your brush through the stencil design. As the dust builds you may find that you need to continue collecting dust in your brush. Once your design is visible, lift your stencil off your macaron. Thanks for watching!

Autumn Round Cookie Stencils 3 Piece Set