Video Tutorial for Autumn Leaves Background and Accent Cookie Stenciling

Confection Couture Stencils has the perfect Background and Accent Stencils for all your autumn cookies just in time for Thanksgiving. All the tools and stencils used in this tutorial are linked below at https://www.confectioncouturestencils...

Autumn Basic Words Cookie Stencil -
Fall Leaves Background Cookie Stencil -
Offset Baker's Spatula with 4" Blade -
Cookie Scraper 3 Piece Set -
Stencil Genie -

For our first cookie we will start off showing you how to use royal icing with our background cookie stencils. First off you will want to put the bottom layer of the stencil genie over the top of your cookie. The Stencil Genie has two halves, one that's 1/4" thick and another that's 3/8" thick. Our cookies are a little on the thicker side so put that half on the bottom. Lay the Fall Leaves Background stencil on top of that and put it into position with the other half of the Stencil Genie. The magnets in the Stencil Genie will keep the stencil in place as you stencil. Next you will want to take your Offset Baker's Spatula and put a decent amount onto your cookie. Put the Offset Spatula down and pick up a Stencil Scraper. Hold the scraper with your fingers spread out on the back to ensure the pressure you apply is even across the back of the scraper. Smoothly drag the scraper across the back of the stencil as you spread royal icing through the design. Try to do just a few, easy passes over the design so that the icing comes out smoothly. Scrape off the excess icing from your scraper with the spatula and put back with the rest. After spreading the icing, lift the entire stencil genie directly off the cookie. Using the flat edge of your offset baker's spatula clean up the royal icing from the edges of your cookie. That's all there is to using the Fall Leaves Background stencil. For the Autumn Basic Words Cookie stencil we won't be using the Stencil Genie. Instead, take your stencil and put it in place just on top of your cookie. Hold the stencil in place with one hand and with the other take some royal icing up onto your Offset Baker's Spatula. Still holding your stencil, spread the royal icing through the stencil onto your cookie. After clearing the icing, lift the stencil straight off your cookie and that's it! Now let's do the next Autumn Basic Word stencil in a different colored icing. Wipe the spatula clean with a damp towel and dry it off. Spread the icing through just like before and lift the stencil straight up. Just like that you have three unique cookie designs with plenty of combinations.