Video Tutorial for Airbrushing Jungle Themed Bamboo Cookies

Confection Couture Stencils' Bamboo Monogram cookie stencil looks good enough for a panda bear to eat! Whether you need some lucky bamboo cookies for a jungle themed birthday or tiki party, Confection Couture has the cookie stencils for you! Listed below are the products used in this tutorial:

Bamboo Monogram Background Cookie Stencil
Bamboo Background Cookie Stencil
Jungle Fun Monogram Basic Alphabet Cookie Stencil Set
Isolation Masking Tool for Alphabet Cookie Stencil Sets
Stencil Genie
Cookie Magnets
Amerimist Airbrush Food Coloring
3 Pack 2 ounce Plastic Bottles with Dropper Tip

Since the Forest Green Amerimist food coloring is a touch too dark for our bamboo we mixed a lighter green food colorant with Lemon Yellow and Sky Blue. Simply put the color in the bottle dropper and mix until you reach the desired light green bamboo color.

Use the bottle dropper to add your color to the airbrush then test out the rate of flow on a piece of paper towel before decorating your cookie. Make sure that your Cookie Magnets are in place on top of the stencil around the edges of the cookie before you begin airbrushing the design. Build the color with a back and forth motion making sure not to spray too much food coloring onto the design. If you do use too much food coloring it could begin to bead up, drip, or run beneath the stencil edges. Once stenciled, set the monogram cookie aside to later add lettering.

To match our Bamboo Background Cookie Stencil we'll stencil our Bamboo Background Cookie Stencil onto the next cookies to go with our bamboo jungle cookie theme. Load your Bamboo Background stencil into the stencil genie, place your cookie magnets around the outer edges of the cookie, and evenly coat the design with your airbrush. After airbrushing remove the cookie magnets before lifting the stencil and stencil genie off of the cookie. After stenciling some cookies with the Bamboo Background cookie stencil return to the Bambook Monogram Background cookie stencil. Place the Jungle Fun Monogram Alphabet cookie stencil into the stencil genie making sure the letter you are using is at the center. Use the Isolation Masking Tool to isolate the letter or letters you wish to feature on your monogrammed cookie stencil. To airbrush our letter we went with the same Amerimist Sky Blue used to create the green for the bamboo. Once you color the design, remove the magnets before lifting the stencil genie off the cookie. Stencil as many cookies as you want with the stencils in the stencil genie. Be sure to give the Bamboo Monogram cookie stencil a little time to dry before stenciling any letters at the center. Each cookie should come out just as good as the last as you airbrush along.