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Video Tutorial for 2019 New Years Eve French Macarons Cookie Round Stencils

Ring in New Years Eve with Cookie Round stencils from Confection Couture Stencils for 2019! In this tutorial we show you how to airbrush macarons or French macaroons*, the small meringue-based cookies, with the smallest of our 3 sizes of cookie rounds. You can find these stencils here.

For those of you who care macarons  are also referred to as  French Macaroons.  French words ending in "on" borrowed into English  were normally spelled "oon" One of many examples is Balloon.  However to distinguish from the coconut based macaroon some bakers have reverted to the french spelling. We just love them no matter how you you spell it. 

Start by putting your macarons onto a cookie sheet to be rinsed off afterward. Since you will be holding these cookie rounds with your hand as you airbrush we recommend wearing latex or vinyl gloves to keep food coloring off of your fingers. For these cookies we'll be using Americana Brown Food Airbrush Food Colorant here.

Start by moving the macarons you aren't starting with out of the way of the spray. Holding the very edges of your cookie round, lightly airbrush food colorant through your cookie stencils. You should slowly build your brown food colorant color in 2-3 light coats. Once you have a solid color, lift your stencil, and move onto the next macaron cookie. You can use your colored stencil over and over again until you have stenciled all of your cookies with this design or set it aside and come back to it later.

You will find your rhythm as you continue stenciling New Years designs onto your macarons. Once you have finished stenciling cookies of one design, move onto the next design. The 2019 cookie stencil rounds pair well with the countdown to midnight clock and the champagne toast cookie stencil. After airbrushing your cookies you will have a set worthy of your New Years Eve party!

Now you should have a stenciled set of cookies that look almost too good to eat! They will be sure to disappear before midnight. These cookies come in 3 different sizes, perfect for your chocolate covered oreos or frosted sugar cookies!