Video Tutorial for 2019 New Years Eve Cookie Stencils

New Year, New Cookie Stencils! In this video we show you how to use our two stencil overlay Stars and Streamers cookie stencil. Stencil your cookies by New Years Eve with the tools below:

Stars & Streamers 2 Overlay Background Stencil
New Years Celebration Words
New Years Eve Accent
uadrant Masking Tool
Stencil Genie
Cookie Magnets
DecoPac Food Colorant
2 oz Plastic Bottle Dropper

For the first cookie stencil repeat in the Stars and Streamers repeat we want to use a dark blue. Add a little Black Amerimist food coloring to a 2 oz plastic with about 5 times the amount of Royal Blue Amerimist food coloring. Mix the colors together and load the food coloring into your airbrush. Test out the flow of your airbrush on a piece of paper towel before airbrushing your cookie. Put the stencil into the stencil genie over the cookie and weigh down the edges with cookie magnets. Aim the airbrush at the cookie from about 6-8 inches away and slowly build the color up without letting it pool on the stencil or cookie. Once colored lift the stencil straight up and allow to dry before airbrushing the overlay.

Next use 2 quadrant masking tools to isolate a design on the accent stencil at the center of your stencil genie. Place the stencil over your next cookie with magnets around the edges for flush contact. Airbrush your blue food coloring through the stencil design while you slowly build color. Lift the stencil straight off when you get full coverage.

Between colors clean out your airbrush with a little vodka. Vodka works better than water for rinsing away leftover food coloring because it dries quickly and tends to be more thorough. Run some vodka through your airbrush then let dry completely before adding your next color. Once dry we added Amerimist Gold Sheen to our airbrush.

Break out the quadrant masking tools for your next accent stencil, just as we had airbrushed earlier. For the second stencil overlay with the stars, carefully line the stencil up over the streamers where the stars fill in the spaces. Airbrush this with your golden sheen and lift the stencil genie straight off your cookie. It's that easy to stencil a whole batch of cookies with an airbrush, a stencil genie, and Confection Couture's New Years Eve cookies stencils!