Julia Usher's Kitchen Club FAQs

How do I opt in to Julia's Kitchen Club and become an active member?

To opt into Julia's Kitchen Club and become an active member, simply purchase any project kit bundle offered at the time of each release. Purchasing one of these kits enrolls you in the club's active member list and gives you all of the associated membership benefits.

How do I know that I am an active member of Julia's Kitchen Club?

Purchasing one of the project kits automatically enrolls you in the club's active member list. You will receive an email confirmation of the order and your enrollment when the kit is purchased.

What perks are associated as an active member of Julia's Kitchen Club?

As an active club member, you will be able to pre-order future kits at an exclusive discount. Active club members also receive a 15% discount on any stencil or cookie cutter on Confection Couture Stencils' site.

How long will I remain an active member in Julia's Kitchen Club?

You will remain an active club member until you pass on a kit offering. At each release, it's your choice as to whether you'd like to stay active or opt out. You still have a chance to buy future kits and rejoin the club, but you will not get the exclusive pre-order discount until you rejoin.

How do I access the video tutorial?

Login to your account with the same email as when you placed the order. Go to Julia Usher's Kitchen Club Tutorial Library and access the video that correlates with the project kit purchased. You will have had to purchase a project kit that includes the video in order to access the video tutorial for that project. You can verify this by viewing your order history once logged into your account.  Contact customer service at service@confectioncouturestencils.com or 1-800-334-1776 with any issues accessing the video.

Purchase Agreement: Julia M. Usher and Julia M. Usher, LLC are the sole copyright owners of all tutorial videos and handouts. Reproduction, distribution, resale, and/or any other use for financial gain of any video or handout, in whole or in part, are strictly prohibited. However, as the purpose of Julia's tutorials is to teach, any knowledge gleaned from her videos and handouts can be used to make cookies or other products for either personal use or sale. In purchasing this tutorial, you acknowledge that you agree to these terms of use.