Video Tutorial for Celebrate Mardi Gras with these Colorful Cookies

Mardis Gras, French for Fat Tuesday, is the carnival of celebration the day before Ash Wednesday. Put down those beads and celebrate with these Mardi Gras cookies stencils from Confection Couture! Everything you need to do this is listed below:

Mardi Gras 2 Overlay Background
Mardi Gras Accent
Harlequin Background
Stencil Genie
Cookie Magnets
DecoPac Airbrush Food Coloring
2 oz Plastic Bottle with Dropper Tip

Start by placing the background beads stencil into the Stencil Genie and on top of your cookie. Use the cookie magnets around the outer edge of the cookie on top of the stencil to hold the stencil flat against the cookie surface. Use your airbrush to stencil the beads design to the cookie surface. Remove the magnets and lift the stencil genie off the surface of your cookie. This is the first layer of the two stencil overlay. Line up the second overlay so that the streamer of the mask lines up with the streamer of the background. Airbrush your next color. We went with orange to match our Mardi Gras theme.

The next color we will need to complete our Mardi Gras cookies is purple. To get purple, mix equal parts Sky Blue and Fuchsia in a 2 oz plastic bottle dropper and mix well before loading into your airbrush. Test the color on a piece of paper towel before applying it to your cookies. To make all the details of the accent overlay fit onto your cookie you make need to slightly reposition for each image. After stenciling the purple mask we decided to use a splash of yellow on the feathers.

Try stenciling the beads different colors for each cookie. Mix it up in true Mardi Gras fashion with details in purple, green, and gold. Orange fits in nicely too! Get creative with your color selections.

You can also use different accents with our Mardi Gras beads background overlay. Try fitting in a fleur de lis, carnival mask, or feathers where they fit!

The Harlequin cookie background stencil works great as a two part overlay with itself! Stencil the design in one color, then shift the stencil to cover the stenciled section, and airbrush your next color into the blank spaces! Just like that you have a two color overlay with just one cookie stencil. Now you can properly celebrate Mardi Gras with festive cookie designs from Confection Couture!