Wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day with the Confection Couture Stencil Collection

Wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day with the Confection Couture Stencil Collection

Mother's Day Confection Collection

Don’t forget Mother’s Day this May! What better way to celebrate than with a fresh batch of cookies? This Confection Couture Cookie Collection comes with a set of four floral designs that can be airbrushed or used with royal icing. Use the two overlay stencils to easily get a two color design or try our Glad Press N’Seal masking technique to stencil as many colors as you please. Check out this tutorial and the tools below to airbrush a batch of beautiful Mother’s Day Cookies:

Add cookie magnets around the stencil design

As with any cookie airbrushing project, load your cookie stencil into the Stencil Genie. Line up the stencil design with the center of the cookie. Place cookie magnets around the openings of the stencil to hold it flat to the cookie surface. Check one more time to make sure the stencil design is in place before moving onto airbrushing.

Apply airbrush through the stencil design

Next, load the Amerimist Airbrush Food Coloring into the AirGenie Airbrush System and test the colorant on a clean paper towel, ensuring that you have just the right amount of airflow. If the airflow is too high the food coloring may be harder to control. It is much better to airbrush lightly in multiple coats. Proceed to apply the chosen color by aiming the airbrush straight down at the cookie about 3-4 inches away.

Use Quadrant Masking Tool to isolate designs for stencils with multiple options

For stencils with multiple designs, use the Quadrant Masking Tool to isolate a portion of the stencil. While the cookie magnets help hold the stencil flat to the cookie surface, you may find small areas of the stencil that are not completely flush with the cookie. Here you can use a pair of chopsticks or a skewer to add additional pressure in specific areas.

Use the Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool to isolate more intricate design elements

For more intricate stencils, use Glad Press N’Seal to mask off portions of the design. Cut off the appropriate size piece of the seal and use your fingers to flatten out any wrinkles or to remove bubbles.

Peel away cut portion of Glad Press N'Seal to reveal chosen design element

Next, use the Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool to trim around the chosen element of the design. Then, gently lift a corner of the cut portion and peel off the Press N’Seal (or the area surrounding the cut portion – if you are airbrushing around a smaller design).

Apply airbrushed color to chosen design element

Now you can airbrush the area of the stencil where the Glad Press N’Seal has been removed. By repeating this process with different food coloring, you can create more complex designs using multiple colors!

Repeat the masking technique to create more complex designs

Stencil a batch of cookies as sweet as Mom with this Confection Couture Mother’s Day Confection Collection. Break out your Air Genie Airbrush and Amerimist Food Coloring or try using these designs with royal icing. The choice is yours! For more information, visit www.confectioncouturestencils.com and check out the video tutorial!


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